The first website on natural gas and biomethane mobility with tutorial for self-service refuelling is now live


The website iovadoametano.it, created by Snam with the approval of the Ministries of the Interior of Transport and Infrastructure and of Economic Development and in collaboration with the National Fire Corps, will be the new reference point for the sector.

San Donato Milanese (MI), Italy - 16 November 2020 - The website iovadoametano.it, the new reference portal on natural gas and biomethane sustainable mobility in Italy, is now live. The website features a tutorial and information on how motorists can use self-service refuelling for their vehicles.

Created by Snam with the approval of the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Economic Development and in collaboration with the National Fire Corps, the portal also contains news on the world of CNG (compressed natural gas) and biomethane mobility, and is aimed at both users and professionals, including owners and managers of filling stations.

The launch of the platform represents a fundamental step in the process of implementing natural gas self-service in Italy, providing users with all the information necessary to refuel independently and safely, aligning the national context with the wider European one, in line with the Legislative Decree 257/2016 implementing the so-called DAFI directive (2014/94 / UE - Directive on the Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure).

The portal allows users, through simple steps, to register and obtain useful information on the self-service refuelling method and to watch a video tutorial for safe refuelling. Following this, it will be possible for these consumers to refuel independently in all authorized distributors throughout the country, which in the meantime are starting to equip themselves to allow self-service.

The site will be further developed in the coming months to host, in addition to the tutorial, increasing information and services related to sustainable mobility using natural gas and biomethane, serving as a reference point for the entire sector. Today, Italy is the leading European country for natural gas vehicles on the road (over 1 million) and the largest network of active distributors (about 1,400), which is undergoing further expansion by way of Snam's investments through its subsidiary Snam4Mobility.

Compared to traditional fuels, natural gas makes it possible to reduce particulate matter and NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions to almost zero and to reduce CO2, as well as offering significant economic advantages, representing an effective and immediately available solution for more sustainable mobility. Furthermore, the progressive development of biomethane, which is obtained from organic as well as from agricultural and agro-industrial waste, will make it possible in perspective to supply a significant percentage of C-LNG (compressed and liquefied natural gas) vehicles with renewable and zero CO2 gas, contributing also to the achievement of climate objectives and the circular economy.

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