Arbolia and four venetian companies planted over 600 trees in Rovigo

Arbolia, the benefit corporation launched by Snam and Fondazione Cassa Depositi e Prestiti in the second half of 2020 to develop new green areas in Italian cities, has created a new urban forest of over 600 plants in the Municipality of Rovigo. The initiative was made possible thanks also to the contribution of four historically rooted companies in the Veneto area: IQT Consulting Spa, NEP Srl, Polimero Srl and Global Power Plus Srl. The trees have been planted in recent days in a residential area in North of the Municipality.

In the selected area, 427 trees of 7 different species (hackberry, lime, field maple, ash, walnut, elm, hornbeam) and 184 shrubs of 4 species (viburnum, siliquaster, dogwood, elder) have been planted in the identified area. When fully operational, they will allow the absorption of up to 50 tons of CO2 per year and about 144 kg of PM10 per year.

Edoardo Gaffeo, Mayor of Rovigo, greeted the realization of the urban forest project: "We are continuing our commitment towards concrete landscape improvement actions, with benefits in terms of environmental mitigation as well as on air quality. This effort has allowed our administration to effectively cooperate with companies committed to sharing environmental sustainability and territorial enhancement actions".

"With this project in Rovigo we are developing our first urban forest in Veneto and in the North East of Italy. This initiative is a virtuous example of public-private collaboration in the area as it was made possible thanks to the the commitment of the Municipality and the contribution of four local companies. Arbolia continues in its mission to create new green areas on Italian territories for the benefit of the environment and communities", said Salvatore Ricco, CEO of Arbolia.

Arbolia is a benefit corporation created at the end of 2020 by Snam and the CDP Foundation to create new green areas in Italy, contributing to the fight against climate change and sustainable development of the territories.
Arbolia designs, promotes and implements afforestation and reforestation initiatives on land made available by the public administration and private individuals, with the financial support of companies and individuals.
In addition to planting, Arbolia also takes care of the care and maintenance of the trees for the first two years, relieving the public administration of the related burdens.

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01 April 2021 - 16:01 CEST