Snam and DEEP.KBB sign cooperation agreement to develop underground storage in salt cavern for hydrogen and natural gas

Snam, one of the world's leading energy infrastructure operators, and DEEP.KBB, a German independent engineering company active in consulting, planning, construction and operation of underground energy storage facilities, as well as brine and salt extraction, have signed a cooperation agreement to start a technical and commercial collaboration in the salt cavern development to store both natural gas and other fluids, mainly hydrogen, on behalf of third parties.

This agreement sets an important step towards finding solutions to cut down emissions in line with the energy transition. Salt caverns can contribute to a more flexible traditional gas market and can also represent a suitable technical solution to store H2 and other fluids.

This cooperation leverages on Snam experience across 80 years in developing underground storage systems coupling with DEEP.KBB’s 50 years of know-how in delivering salt caverns technologies. The joint and reliable value proposition is aimed at delivering one-stop shop solutions for both companies’ customers, from underground geological formation to topside facility and from evaluation & design to operation & maintenance.

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15 November 2021 - 12:26 CET