EUnergy: Snam's App on European energy scenarios is renewed and improved in graphics


EUnergy, Snam's digital showcase on European energy scenarios, has been renewed, with an improvement in its graphic interface and usability and the introduction of new thematic areas and functions.

The App, launched in 2019, is aimed at policymakers, researchers, and scholars, and, more widely, to a public interested in exploring the world of energy also in terms of the climate challenge.

With EUnergy, the user gains access, through the smartphone, to all the most relevant data on European energy markets: from the sources to main uses and consumption for each country, and including emissions indicators.
The App's restyling has allowed to optimize the user interface, now graphically clearer and simplified, as well as the user experience. Innovations include the introduction of features in the "Maps" section: in addition to the European energy balance with Eurostat data, the user can now obtain information on active biomethane plants, on import-export activities classified by year and type of energy source and, with regards to hydrogen, on the future development of green gas transport and storage infrastructures in Europe.

EUnergy also offers a section dedicated to news on the main trends in the sector and allows to discover in more depth Snam’s commitment to the energy transition.

The App is available on the App Store and Play Store, including in tablet version.


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04 February 2021 - 16:50 CET