Snam awarded with the "Oscar di Bilancio" 2021

Snam awarded with the "Oscar di Bilancio" 2021

Oscar di Bilancio

Snam has been awarded Italy's "Oscar di Bilancio" financial communication award 2021, promoted by FERPI - Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana, together with Borsa Italiana and Università Bocconi, for the Large Listed Company category. The prize was received by Alessandra Pasini, CFO and Chief International & Business Development Officer of Snam, during a ceremony at Piazza Affari.

For over fifty years, the award has been given to companies that report on their work in the best possible way, demonstrating their willingness to share their results and objectives with their stakeholders.

"Snam's Integrated Report - reads the motivation for the award - is truly an excellent document, clear, readable and reflecting the most innovative standards of reporting with reference to both financial and non-financial aspects". "Complete but simple and engaging to read, it integrates information capable of conveying the company's identity and its performance in line with its corporate purpose". The report also "includes aspects relating to risk management and references to other reporting tools, which are reported accurately within a very clear narrative framework that highlights Snam's maturity in managing and reporting on sustainability".

The motivations also include "attention to ESG issues, also thanks to the integration with communication on the website", which "represents, to date, a best practice at Italian and international level for having been able to build an 'ecosystem' of innovative and responsible reporting tools".

The text concludes, "Snam is one of the few companies that has strengthened its commitment to ecological transition activities related to hydrogen and biomethane and that in 2021 has included the ecological transition business in its charter”.

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