2022 Scenario Report is now online

2022 Scenario Report is now online

Snam and Terna have published the 2022 Scenario Report (“Documento di Descrizione degli Scenari”) drawn up in coordination between the two operators pursuant to ARERA Resolutions 468/201/R/gas and 654/2017/R/eel.

The Report outlines the results of the two companies’ assessment of the possible future evolutions of Italy’s energy system and provides the basis for the preparation of the electricity and gas transmission networks’ development plans. Through this work, Snam and Terna pooled their specific skills in studying how the energy transition targets can be achieved in the most effective, efficient and socially fair way. In fact, both operators share the idea that an interaction between the electricity and gas sectors is required as a complex and key element in the process.

The analysis shows that natural gas will be complemented by growing volumes of green gases such as biomethane and hydrogen, which will exploit the gas network to be conveyed to the market, over the next years. Moreover, the gas infrastructure will be crucial to ensure the necessary capacity and flexibility to the thermoelectric system in the timeframe examined.

The document includes a 2030 scenario aligned with the EU Fit-for-55 targets, two scenarios to 2040 (Distributed Energy and Global Ambition) consistent with non-binding targets towards net zero and a contrasting scenario (so-called Late Transition) which envisages a delayed achievement of emission containment targets. All scenarios assume the development of renewable sources and green gases (biomethane and hydrogen) and the use of Carbon Capture & Storage/Utilization (CCUS) technologies to promote the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors.

The process, which lasted almost two years, was developed on different stages with the support of various analysis tools, models and data sources and involved for the first time electricity and gas distribution companies, as well as industry associations, in dedicated sessions.

The 2022 Scenario Report is available here: https://www.snam.it/en/transportation/Online_Processes/Allacciamenti/information/ten-year-plan/ten_year_plan_2023_2032/scenari.html.

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