Snam4Environment becomes BioEnerys. At Ecomondo, Snam presents the evolution of its brand focused on biomethane

Snam4Environment becomes BioEnerys. At Ecomondo, Snam presents the evolution of its brand focused on biomethane

Snam's journey as an enabler of the Italian energy transition continues with the development of biomethane and the strengthening of its business unit dedicated to this renewable gas

Snam presented today at the opening of the Ecomondo fair the new identity of its Snam4Environment business unit, which has now become Bioenerys, bringing together under a single name and brand all its companies that work to contribute to the development of renewable gases. This new company willleverage the skills and expertise of the two business units that currently design, develop, and operate biomethane. The vision of Bioenerys is "Harvesting energy to build the future".

Also thanks to the opportunities provided by Italy's National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and the Decree of September 15 th, 2022, BioEnerys' plants will have an installed capacity of approximately 100 MWeq for a production of 220 million standard cubic meters of biomethane by 2026, accounting for approximately 10% of the domestic market. There are currently eighteen plants under management, six of which produce biomethane from organic waste and the other twelve of which are biogas plants derived from agro-livestock waste that was taken over last October and will be converted to biomethane.

"This step opens a new phase in our development process, which will be essential to our ambition of boosting the growth of the biomethane market in the coming years through increased production volumes. This evolution began in 2018 with new acquisitions as well as a new internal organization aimed at strengthening our Group, which now employs over 200 people and strives to be best-in-class in terms of environment and safety."

To best meet the challenges of business and of the energy transition, BioEnerys' new identity will now allow the Company to speak with a single voice, with a well recognizable brand identity and a new positioning, both as a national environmental operator, managing up to 300,000 tons/year of organic fraction of municipal solid waste (FORSU), and as an agro-energy operator and partner of Italian food and beverage companies for the recovery of waste.

Biomethane is one of the main renewable energy sources that will gradually replace fossil fuels. It enables meeting emission reduction targets by leveraging existing gas networks and promoting an economic model based on resource sustainability and circularity, with a significant potential in transports, industrial, residential, and service sectors.

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10 November 2022 - 18:32 CET