"Zhero - Il segreto dell'acqua" podcast

Podcast Zhero

Immerse yourself with us in the magical and enchanted atmosphere of Venice, together with Giada, Serafina and Michele. Three inseparable guys, catapulted into a mysterious race against time in search of a machine capable of producing clean energy through water... an invention that could save our planet. The voice of Cristiana Capotondi accompanies us on this incredible adventure, with a story inspired by the children's book written by Marco Alverà, CEO of Snam, and already published by Salani. The podcast is produced by Sirene Records for Snam.

Episode 1

Venice is the city of mysteries: myths and legends sail through the lagoon. One long night, three inseparable friends, Giada, Serafina and Michele, embark on an extraordinary adventure in search of Bepi, their beloved professor who has suddenly disappeared into thin air. Who are the shady characters investigating his most incredible invention, the water machine? And what has the Lunar Society, a mysterious association of scientists who may hold the future of our planet in their hands, got to do with it?


Episode 2

Bepi's enigmatic disappearance has left Giada, Serafina and Michele with many suspicions. The three friends soon discover that the professor has planted clues that will lead them straight to the water machine, a revolutionary device capable of saving the planet by generating clean energy. Will they manage to get hold of it before Vera does? And what lies behind the blackout that has suddenly plunged Venice into total darkness?


Episode 3

After an unpredictable search over the rooftops of Venice and an intrepid race through the city's canals on board a gondola, our heroes are close to a showdown. At the Fire Station they meet Gianni, a friend of the professor's, who could put them on the right track to finding Bepi and the water machine... provided they manage to get there before Vera, who is now only a step away from her evil goal.


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16 November 2021 - 11:28 CET