Snamcast - Talks to inspire the world is a podcast promoted by Snam. We want to voice important issues related to sustainability, talking about new sources of energy, efficiency and energy-saving, circular economy, and many other ideas that generate a better future. All united by a common ground: finding inspiration to put them in motion. In each episode, the journalist and narrator Barbara Gasperini will interview experts to share their vision for a more sustainable future.

Barbara Gasperini

Barbara GasperiniBarbara Gasperini is the narrator and host of Snamcast. She's a freelance journalist, former editorial director of The News Room and a contributor to Corriere Innovazione and Corriere Roma, TV reporter, documentary maker, content creator and blogger (KTrek).

Barbara is a lover of science, technology, innovation: in one word, the future.

Episode 1 - Purpose

Adding a pinch of philosophy, paying a lot of attention to today's reality and having a great desire to look to the future, Snamcast explores an increasingly current theme: the "purpose" of companies. Together with Marco Alverà we're talking about the importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in the company. We're discussing fairness both in the workplace and in interpersonal relationships, and how having a "purpose" allows you to make a difference, especially in difficult situations like those we have been living in over the last few months.

Marco AlveràMarco Alverà, CEO of Snam until April 2022, is the first guest of our podcast. After graduating in Economics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics, he gained 20 years of experience in Italy’s most prominent energy companies. He is also a Visiting Fellow of the University of Oxford.


Episode 2 - Plasticless

"An alchemical material": this is how the great French intellectual Roland Barthes defined plastic. But compared to the last century, the collective conscience on this material has changed a lot and presents us with many questions for which there are no simple solutions: given plastic is still indispensable in many fields, all while the excessive use of this single-use material is seriously endangering the environment and our health, what can citizens and companies do about it? We talked about it with Enea Roveda, CEO of Lifegate, sustainability lover and expert on the topic.

Enea RovedaIn 2000 Enea Roveda founded LifeGate Radio, a community of people united by their love for music and the planet. Since 2014 he has then become CEO of the LifeGate Group, working at the side of large companies through consultancy and communication projects to create sustainable value.


Episode 3 - Energy Efficiciency

Compared to 40 years ago, global energy consumption has doubled. As a result, it has become a priority for governments around the world to save energy by making more efficient use of it. Today, there are solutions to save resources and money thanks to technological innovations in the field of energy efficiency. From simple systems such as boilers or household appliances, to complex systems such as residential buildings, industries and transport systems, this theme touches many areas of our daily life. We talked about it with Federico Testa, Chairman of ENEA, National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development.

Federico TestaFederico Testa is the Chairman of ENEA. Previously, he was appointed Extraordinary Commissioner by the Ministry of Economic Development. For years, he has been known for his activity as a researcher and a university professor. He is an expert in sustainability, especially in the energy field.


Episode 4 - Climate change

By typing the words "Climate Change" into Google we get almost 500 million results. We are talking about a very pressing topic, because the temperature of our planet continues to rise. In this episode of Snamcast - Talks to inspire the world, Luca Mercalli, President of the Italian Meteorological Society, explains what climate changes are and how they can be addressed.

Luca MercalliLuca Mercalli is the President of the Italian Meteorological Society and the director of Nimbus magazine. Climatologist, science communicator, academic and television author, he's also well-known for his collaborations with popular newspapers.


Episode 5 - Sustainable mobility

When we consider the mobility of the future, we must beyond flying cars and science-fiction scenarios. Smart solutions are already available to improve mobility and mitigate environmental impact. Think for example of the initiatives to reduce traffic in great cities, the sharing economy, cars and heavy-duty vehicles that use renewable gases such as biomethane... and the future potential of hydrogen. We discussed this constantly changing landscape with Stefano Laporta, president of ISPRA, the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research.

Stefano LaportaStefano Laporta is president of Ispra, the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research. He has led numerous institutional projects relating to the environment, energy strategies, and sustainable development.


Episode 6 - Digital transformation

What does digital transformation mean? Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, machine learning: some call them "frontier technologies", but each day they are becoming more present in our daily lives, in all aspects of society, and within companies of all sectors. The digital world is transforming before our very eyes. Just think about the fact that at the beginning of the year there were "only" 500 thousand Italians working remotely, while today there are more than 8 million. How can we deal with such rapid and radical changes? According to Silvia Candiani, CEO of Microsoft Italy, we can master them through a combination of technological evolution and skills. Technology is nothing without our ability to harness its potential in order to reach a more sustainable future. We discussed this topic and much more with her in this episode of our podcast.

Silvia CandianiSilvia Candiani has been the CEO of Microsoft Italy since 2017. In May 2020 she launched the Ambition Italy #DigitalRestart plan with an investment of 1.5 billion dollars to support Italy’s growth and innovation.


Episode 7 - Philanthropy and community


In this episode we’ll be talking about the strong need for philanthropy and community within all territories, but especially in the suburbs. The initiatives that support this theme stimulate a shared sense of citizenship and cohesion that has never as urgent as we find it is now during the current times. Giovanni Fosti, President of the Cariplo Foundation, explains how the collaboration between nonprofits, citizens, and businesses promotes social innovation in areas that need extra help to improve their inhabitability and provide new opportunities to their residents. 

Giovanni Fosti

Giovanni Fosti is the President of the Cariplo Foundation. He is a manager and university professor, dealing with research on issues such as social innovation, implementation of local welfare systems, institutional structures and service models for non-self-sufficiency.


Episode 8 - Hydrogen Revolution

We've come a long way since the great writer Jules Verne imagined a future in which the hydrogen extracted from water would have revolutionized the world of energy. Today this is no longer a dream: thanks to more efficient and cheaper technologies, this "small molecule" can drive real change towards the energy transition. In the last episode of this season of Snamcast - Talks to inspire the world, Marco Alverà tells us about the themes and challenges he has explored in his latest book "Rivoluzione idrogeno", published by Mondadori.

Marco AlveràMarco Alverà, CEO of Snam until April 2022, after graduating in Economics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics, he gained 20 years of experience in Italy's most prominent energy companies. He is also a Visiting Fellow of the University of Oxford.


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