Why is Snam interested in Biomethane?

Italy, with 1.900 operating anaerobic digestion plants, is today the world's third largest producer of biogas from agricultural matrices with about 2.4 billion cubic meters produced every year. However, the potential for biogas and biomethane production from agricultural biomass, agro-industrial and the Organic Waste is larger: the Italian Biogas Consortium (CIB) has estimated the market to reach 10 billion cubic meters per year by 2030.


Snam supports sustainable gas mobility and biomethane supply chain in Italy, being directly involved in the development of an integrated logistics supply chain for the development of biomethane injected into the network and for the transport sector. Snam is developing infrastructures to promote road-based gas mobility (new fuel stations) for private traffic (CNG) and commercial / heavy traffic purposes, including the development of small liquefaction plants to met the demand for LNG expected on the main commercial routes (Small Scale LNG), as well as investing in the development and construction of biomethane plants.


In particular, Snam announced an investment of 200€ million in the entire sustainable mobility supply chain by 2022, including at least 100€ million to develop biomethane plants. In July 2018 Snam acquired a 70% stake in IES Biogas, a leading company in the design and construction of biogas and biomethane plants in Europe with over 200 plants already built. The first direct investment in biomethane plant was announced in November 2018, through the acquisition of Enersi Sicilia Srl, a company legally authorized to build a biomethane plant with a capacity of 36.000 tons per year of organic waste in Caltanissetta town in Sicily.

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