Clean energy

energia pulita

Natural gas is a key source for a sustainable energy mix

Gas, the greenest and most efficient fossil fuel, is an indispensable energy source for a sustainable energy mix.
In fact natural gas is the only fossil fuel capable of providing a pathway towards emissions reduction, together with the renewable energy sources such as wind and photovoltaic energy, that are neither programmable nor storable.

Despite measures for the use of renewable energies taken over past few years, there was only a small reduction of the use of a fossil fuel such as coal which is cheap but, unlike natural gas, is a major pollutant.

A different composition of the energy mix also means a different contribution in terms of energy efficiency and a more limited impact in environmental terms. As demonstrated by the graphs (which indicate the kilograms of CO2 per Gigajoule of coal, oil and gas and the Megajoules produced per kilogram of CO2), the use of gas as an alternative to coal provides twice the amount of electricity for the same carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Thus, lower polluting emissions and higher energy efficiency.

The first graph shows the theoretical emissions generated to produce a Giga Joule of energy, while the second shows the theoretical generation of energy in relation to the emissions produced (Source: Ispra 2017).


CO2 kg for GJ


MJ for CO2 kg

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