Trenchless methods

Trenchless methods


"This new work is testimony to Snam’s ongoing efforts to explore the application of innovative technologies in the development of plant designs. I’m sure that it will be an important source of information for all stakeholders for a long time to come."

Massimo Montecchiari, EVP International Engineering and Construction Snam

In pipeline construction, the crossing of natural obstacles (watercourses, bumps and rocky slopes) and man-made obstacles (railways, roads and motorways) has always been a problem in both design and construction. The need for more careful environmental protection in areas where pipelines are under construction has led Snam to adopt innovative trenchless methods which, by limiting the use of open-cut excavations, have less impact on the landscape and the environment than traditional construction techniques.

The Snam book entitled ‘The construction of environmentally-friendly steel pipelines: Trenchless Technologies - Updated 2021 Edition’ deals with the technical aspects inherent in innovative trenchless methodologies, which are constantly evolving and are now finding consensus and increasing application all over the world.

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