Energy efficiency


TEP created CasaMia, an integrated solution, an innovative product of energy efficiency for condominiums (Ecobonus, Sismabonus, redevelopment of thermal power plants)

In 2018 Snam decided to invest in the energy efficiency sector. The initiative is part of the company's strategic plans to foster decarbonisation and better use of energy in the territories in which it operates.

In May, Snam has also perfected the acquisition of a control quota, equal to 82% of the capital, of TEP Energy Solution (TEP), one of the main Italian companies active in the field of energy efficiency. The goal is to speed up the process of growth of TEP, with the support of the company's management, facilitating the transfer of energy efficiency and technologies from large industry to small and medium-sized enterprises, local authorities and condominium.

TEP, with its offices in Rome, Milan and Udine, is one of the largest Italian Esco (Energy Service companies), with over 200 clients from leading national and international companies and about one million efficiency certificates. The mission of the company is to make its customers more competitive through the reduction of energy expenditure thanks to the optimization of the quantities used. The guarantee of the results is a central factor of the activity of Tep Energy Solution that assumes the technical and economic risk financial of the interventions proposed, obtaining its "success fee" remuneration through the participation to the savings generated.

CasaMia, our solution for the energy redevelopment of condominiums

TEP created CasaMia, an integrated solution, an innovative product of energy efficiency for condominiums (Ecobonus, Sismabonus, redevelopment of thermal power plants), proposing itself as System Integrator:

  • Research and aggregate specialized technological solutions, technical and methodological skills
  • Select, coordinate and manage suppliers, designers, installers and professionals
  • Certifies tax incentives with Deloitte support
  • Guarantees work for 10 years
  • Supports single companies (builders, installers, designers) to manage their business as long as it can be integrated with the CasaMia model
  • It financially supports every solution both with the acceptance of the tax credit and in the identification of financial solutions with primary credit companies
  • Identify any partners interested in supporting with sponsorship the exploitation of the facades of the redeveloped condominiums



Build and propose innovative and ready solutions that pay off with the savings generated.


Efficienza energetica



For more information please download the brochure or contact casamia@tepsolution.it


TEP: The Company

  • Industrial Division: It is aimed at all industrial energy sectors with customized technical solutions on the needs and production processes of each customer. It specializes in the production and management of white certificates and in the realization of capital intensive projects.
  • Real Estate Division: It develops energy efficiency projects in the real estate, civil and tertiary sectors. It is aimed at real estate funds, large service companies, traders and logistics to which it offers its know-how with the formula of the remuneration to success fee and investing directly on the interventions.
  • Retail Division: It develops energy efficiency projects in the retail sector, proposing modernization and commissioning interventions, monitoring, support and services aimed at disseminating the culture of efficiency. Assures complete results and customer support.



  • Flexibility in the operational and contractual modalities,
  • Technological independence able to guarantee the most effective solution,
  • Professional presence capillary on the territory,
  • Scouting of the most innovative technological solutions,
  • Wide range of customers on various product sectors.


TEP does not sell technology, but identifies saving solutions and, operating in "ESCo mode", invests in the realization of the interventions obtaining its own remuneration "a success fee" through the participation to the generated savings.

Energy Consulting

  • Diagnosis ex D. LGs 102/2014,
  • ISO 50001 certifications,
  • Energy management support,
  • Energy Supplies sourcing,
  • Energy monitoring.


TEE production

  • Interventions aimed at enhancing energy efficiency interventions through the recognition of TEE.



  • Tep Energy Solution invests directly in the realization of projects, also in participation with the client company, guaranteeing the results and obtaining its own remuneration through the saving generated.


TEE trading

  • Optimization cost for energy distributors for the fulfilment of the annual obligation,
  • Enhancement of the securities portfolio entrusted.
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