The Snam's committment on diversity is more and more significant

The Snam's committment on diversity is more and more significant

For Snam, diversity is an element of paramount importance that makes the company more and more competitive, a place where people have the opportunity to grow and be valued for their individuality and skills.

The commitment to this issue is continuous, testified by the launch of several initiatives.

Snam launches the Manifesto of inclusive language, the guideline proposed by the Inclusion team so that everyone in the company can get in touch directly, using a language that is always respectful.
The aim is to make people reflect and choose a language that is respectful of all identities, conditions, memberships, orientations and cultures. At Snam, professional relationships are based on mutual respect and for this we need language that includes every person, both inside and outside the company.

At the same time, Policy Diversity & Inclusion has been enriched with two appendices that specifically concern gender equality and equity in the personnel recruiting phase.

Besides, Snam adheres to the Diversity charter, the declaration of intent, launched by the Sodalitas Foundation and voluntarily signed by companies of all sizes, for the dissemination of inclusive corporate culture and human resources policies.



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