Social Commitment

Social Commitment

Snam Foundation

In 2021, in addition to the involvement of Snam people with payroll giving initiatives and match giving, the Relationship Volunteering Program was launched and the Competence Volunteering Program continued

Responsibility towards everyone

Snam participates in the LifeGate PlasticLess® project which, with the help of floating bins positioned in port waters, aims to clean the seas

Sentieri Stagionali

Young Energy is Snam's programme modelled on the “Alternanza scuola lavoro” framework (school-work alternation). The project is aimed at third-year, fourth-year and fifth-year high school students.

Collaborating with authorities, non-profit associations and institutions is an integral part of Snam’s sustainable development strategy and, based on the principle of inclusivity, the company aims to develop valuable and trustworthy relations with every stakeholder, acknowledging their right to be heard and committing to providing reports on the company’s activities and decisions made.

Another important aspect is that, in all of its relationships, Snam has taken inspiration from the general principles that form the basis of its operational activity, namely to:

  • Ensure the diversity of opinions and political and cultural orientations
  • Guarantee the clarity of goals and thus transparency in project management
  • Recognise social, cultural and environmental trends that are representative of the region
  • Ensure the long-term sustainability of projects
  • Ensure planning ability and flexibility in identifying routes


In 2021 Snam provided:

  • in cash about 6.4 million euros for sponsorships, donations, environmental compensations, contribution to the Snam Foundation, expenses for the projects "Con la scuola" and Young energy, contributions to the Global Compact, Sodalita and various initiatives for staff such as such as reimbursements babysitting, covid-19 insurance, study support services, school-work orientation, scholarships, school loans, microcredit, etc.;
  • in kind giving about 3 million euros for lung ventilators distributed to Civil Protection and to various hospitals, for urban planting projects supporting stakeholder engagement initiatives with employees and local communities and for employee health and welfare initiatives such as summer stays and early diagnosis plans;
  • in corporate volunteering, about 0.2 million euros for 3,052 hours donated thanks to the relationship and competence volunteering programs;
  • in management overhead to oversee sustainability and relations with the communities about 0.8 million euros for 10 FTEs.

Contributions breakdown (%)


For the protection of the environment, health and safety, in 2021, Snam made expenses for a value of approximately 147 million euros (133 million euros for investments and 14 million euros for management costs).

Among the initiatives proposed in the last year, in addition to the Foundation's projects, there are, for example, the Plasticless initiative in collaboration with LifeGate, the The Thin Line publishing project which tells, through the images of the places and the voices of the communities, the journey to five Italian regions in which Snam operates, the project "Con la scuola" and the fifth edition of the project Young Energy.

Lifegate plasticless

The issue of the use and recycling of plastics is fully in line with Snam's commitments to combat pollution, climate-changing emissions and promote a circular economy.

Since 2019, Snam has been committed to reducing the use of plastic by defining a target to eliminate that used in the packaging of supplies by 2023 and also eliminating that used for sending materials to its construction sites, net of the quota necessary for security reasons. 
To reinforce the programme initiated to reduce the use of plastic materials and aware of the serious environmental problems deriving from their disposal, the Company participates in the LifeGate PlasticLess® project which, with the help of Seabin technology or floating bins positioned in port waters, aims to clean the seas of dispersed plastic waste, promoting the spread of good sustainable practices. Positioned at strategic points in harbours and boat clubs, these little allies catch over 500 kg of plastic waste a year, including the tiny and insidious microplastics and microfibres which, if ingested by aquatic fauna, cause damage and enter the food chain, ending up right on our tables.

After the first installation of a device in Messina it was the turn, in 2021, of the ports of Cagliari and Taranto where as many Seabins are located and operating. The inauguration event in the port of Cagliari was an opportunity for a meeting between the Company and the local authorities, together with LifeGate, to underline the company's commitment to combating pollution and climate-altering emissions, to protecting the environment, to dialogue with local areas and promote circular economy.


In November 2021, the Sassetti Factory, a former industrial building in the Isola district of Milan, hosted the photographic exhibition "The Thin Line" curated by the artist Giada Ripa, which traces the visual exploration of the "invisible pipeline", the energy infrastructure that crosses the country respecting the territories and connects the communities in a 4,000 km long journey. The exhibition includes about 15 large-format works plus a wide range of materials: documentaries, videos, maps, texts and a video documentary that summarizes the entire project, helping to reconstruct the atmosphere of the places and encounters experienced.

Young Energy

Young Energy, now in its fifth edition, is the project that has the aim of facilitating the orientation of students and of bringing them closer to the labour market through initiatives focused on corporate business.
Since the start of the project, Snam has hired 18 young people from the institutes involved and, in response to the covid-19 emergency, the Young Energy format was completely digitally redesigned, involving around 800 students from 8 technical institutes and continuing in the same way also in 2021 involving 8 new schools between technical institutes and high schools.

Snam intends to make its contribution and increase its corporate social responsibility. Snam Foundation was created with a view to play a part in creating tangible and intangible infrastructures, also leveraging the know-how, networks, tecnic means to develop partnerships, projects and initiatives of social value.

The relationship between businesses and society has increasingly become the focus of more attention and interest.

In recent years, the continuing economic uncertainty and concurrent increase in social emergencies has created serious hardship, especially in the weaker bands of the population.

Businesses, which have always played a fundamental role in the economic and social development of a country, have reacted by implementing policies and tools to try and respond to these emergencies.

Actually, next to the three main strands on which the Snam Foundation programs focus (Environment, Minors and Youth, Female empowerment and Social Company) 2021 has saw the foundation actively engage in countering the effects of crisis on more fragile social categories.

The collaboration activities are selected on the basis of the “Policy for managing philanthropic activities and social initiatives”, in line with the company’s strategy, its relationship with local areas and the sustainability objectives.

Snam employees volunteered their time and skills in 2021, showing how to support the company by offering their skills and time, even during the pandemic. In particular,two activities were carried out:

  • “E-LAB” (Empowerment- Lab) Skills Volunteering, a mentorship programme for enterprises and social cooperatives, which 35 volunteers joined. In the framework of this programme, volunteers followed 16 Cooperatives/Social Enterprises from five regions in Italy that provide employment to vulnerable groups, helping them to strengthen their business plan, business skills and internal organisation.
  • “Buddy Program” STEM Tutoring, a programme that allowed more than 70 colleagues to be matched with as many female secondary school students from fragile socio-economic backgrounds in Milan, Bari, Palermo and Cagliari to help them with after-school activities in the study of scientific subjects.
  • In addition, the Relationship Volunteering with the elderly and disabled programme was also carried out online, in partnership with the organisations Noi genitori and Genera Onlus, in which the 40 participating volunteers carried out activities in direct contact with elderly and disabled young people.

During the year, three payroll giving and matchgiving campaigns were held in favour of Third Sector organisations on the topics of women’s empowerment, combating educational poverty and child food poverty, donating a total of more than 1,000 hours corresponding to approximately 29,000 euros, which were then doubled by the Snam Foundation.

The total hours donated, including payroll giving, amounted to 4,562.


In January 2012, Snam joined the Sodalitas Foundation, an Assolombarda foundation whose members include 84 leading companies and foundations. Sodalitas’s mission is to build a bridge between the entrepreneurial world and the non-profit sector, to foster the widespread growth of the planning and managerial capabilities of the voluntary sector and to develop projects for promoting entrepreneurial sustainability in the Italian market.

In this context, since 2011, Snam has participated in the Sodalitas Social Innovation award, helping to evaluate the projects submitted as part of the Quality Commissions made up of a select group of companies, sponsoring foundations and institutions.

Snam also collaborates with Sodalitas by bringing its best practices to the Sodalitas Value Academy, a series of meetings reserved for associated companies which aims to offer an opportunity for discussion and networking on strategic issues for value creation and integration of sustainability in the companies, to Sodalitas Social Master Class meetings reserved to third sector players and to Sodalitas Call for Future, the initiative which presents corporate case histories able to create positive changes.


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Sodalitas Foundation: an organisation created in 1995 to build a bridge between the entrepreneurial world and the non-profit sector



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