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Snam Foundation

Snam Foundation

The Snam Foundation aims at providing the skills and realization capabilities that in the history of the Society have contributed to the country's innovation, progress and growth through the implementation and management of complex infrastructures

A commitment to growth

Snam Foundation is a non-profit corporate foundation established in 2017, with the aim of providing the country with the skills and manufacturing capabilities developed by Snam, a leading company in the energy infrastructure sector with eighty-year history.
For this reason, one of the main value elements of the Foundation is represented by the direct involvement of Snam people in the various projects, in particular through corporate volunteering. The latter is able to enhance and benefit from the skills of company staff in collaboration with third sector organizations and with the people reached by Foundation's projects.
The involvement of volunteers helps to strengthen the third sector organizations with which the Foundation collaborates through the contribution of specialized skills (capacity building) and to include social issues in Snam's corporate world; therefore, the Snam Foundation acts as a link between the profit and non-profit world and defines its way of acting as a Social Company.
This element of value is combined with the multiplier effect connected to the Snam Foundation's commitment to broaden the network of organizations with which to co-design and implement the different actions for the interested communities and territories, also thanks to Snam's know-how and experience in this area.


Through the actions developed, the Snam Foundation positively affects 9 of the 17 objectives established by the United Nations (1,4,5,7,8,10,11,13 and 15), touching in particular 21 sub-objectives.

The Foundation works with the local areas and for the local areas to support a just transition, with particular attention to energy and ecological aspects.
In particular, its activities focus on:

  • Energy Poverty: to develop awareness on energy consumption and promote energy requalification through studies and training.
  • Educational Poverty:to develop the open school model with particular attention to outdoor education, STEM disciplines and the digital divide.
  • Food Poverty: to fight the phenomenon of food waste through the sharing of good practices and the co-design of policies on the subject.
  • People: to involve Snam people and resources and local communities to strengthen social entities and include social issues in Snam.

The development of Foundation projects is facilitated by the inclusion of initiatives related to urban and rural regeneration and the strengthening of actions on the digital divide in the face of the emergency and the growing gap created by inequality.

To discover, in detail, the projects and initiatives of the Fondazione Snam, visit the website of  Fondazione Snam.

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