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Snam Foundation

Snam Foundation

The Snam Foundation aims at providing the skills and realization capabilities that in the history of the Society have contributed to the country's innovation, progress and growth through the implementation and management of complex infrastructures

A commitment to growth

Fondazione Snam puts to the service of the Country Snam’s skills and capabilities, developed over the company’s 80 years of history, to contribute to the creation a support network across the national territory.
Its mission is to create, promote and spread innovative, effective and supportive practices to promote civil, cultural and economic development in key areas of public interest, connecting the world of business and the social sector.

It also operates in accordance with the UN 2030 Agenda, exercising concrete and tangible action on 12 Sustainable Development Goals (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17), thanks to the support and implementation of large-scale projects.

Foundation Snam operates within a "Social Company" framework - that is, by promoting initiatives that make it possible to apply the skills of Snam’s people to benefit third sector entities and, at the same time, favouring the inclusion of the third sector network and social issues into the corporate world.
The activities of the Fondazione Snam are focused on four fields of action:

  • Environment: protect the environmental framework of our country and promote its improvement, paying particular attention to aspects related to energy poverty, energy efficiency and greenery;
  • Children and young people: initiatives in favour of the new generations, with a specific focus on those facing situations of fragility, to address challenges such as educational poverty, early school leaving and the NEET (Not in Education Employment and Training) problem;
  • Female empowerment: promotion of an inclusive culture through initiatives that fight stereotypes and promote gender equality, also to encourage young women to undertake studies in scientific subjects (STEM);
  • Wellbeing: promotion of a broader definition of the concept of "wellbeing", emphasizing its importance in the measurement of national and global wellbeing and contributing to the simplification of its measurement;

To discover, in detail, the projects and initiatives of the Fondazione Snam, visit the website of  Fondazione Snam.

To discover kpi and data about projects download a summary of the main results

Main results of Fondazione's projects

The constitution

The BoD of the Foundation, enrolled in the Register of Juridical Persons at the Prefecture of Milan on 21 July 2017, comprises Carlo Malacarne (Chairman), Marco Alverà (Vice Chairman) and Lucia Morselli and begun the evaluation of the first projects that will be developed in order to achieve the Foundation’s mission.

The Board of Auditors comprises Maria Luisa Mosconi (Chairwoman), Gabriella Chersicla and Lorenzo Pozza.

The scientific committee is formed by Barbara Cominelli, Paola Mascaro and Diego Visconti.

> Snam Fondazione Bylaws

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