Generating value


As part of the management and development of its sites and infrastructure, Snam shares value by making spaces and knowledge available to local stakeholders


When making new investments, Snam shares value with the regions, distributing its knowledge of best business practices among local players.

Snam has various tools for creating value that it intends to share with the local area.

According to the Shared Value approach, sustainable companies cannot ignore the social and territorial context in which they operate, therefore they must actively work to support it.

Every company is characterised by corporate assets that constitute drivers for value creation, and it is through these drivers that Snam intends to interpret the theme of Shared Value: its infrastructure, its capacity to offer technology and continuous innovation, its human capital, and its capital in terms of relations with the local community.

The natural evolution of our approach to Sared vVue was the Snam's Foundation creation, precisely with the aim of making available the skills and implementation capabilities that have contributed to the country's innovation, progress and social growth throughout the Company's history.

Fondazione Snam aims to promote civil, cultural and economic development in priority areas of public interest, through the development, promotion and dissemination of innovative, effective practices and support them. In particular, consistent with the presence of Snam in the local areas, the Foundation pursues and promotes the redevelopment of the most vulnerable areas, including the protection and care of the landscape heritage and the environment, as well as the support and development of cultural activities in every expression of them.

Snam provides stakeholders with spaces, knowledge and best practices.

Therefore, through its business objectives, Snam aims to share value with local areas and make new investments, for example, by:

  • making space and knowledge available to local stakeholders, for example, areas and services for local vegetable crops  as in the case of Terranuova Bracciolini plant or  collaborating with institutions for the archaeological finding  or the TESORI call for proposals, proposed by Fondazione Snam based on the provision of corporate spaces
  • sharing best business practices, by applying bioengineering techniques in areas that are particularly sensitive or with complex ecosystems, such as parks and protected areas


WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO GENERATE VALUE? Snam Institute and the "Con la scuola" project

In July 2018 Snam Institute was presented: it is Snam's training program dedicated not only to employees, but also to stakeholders. During the event, organised in Rome in conjunction with the LUISS University, support was also announced during the event for the LUISS Business School Masters in Management and Technology, a major in Energy Industry, and the establishment of a Chair in Energy Economics and Policies, aimed at creating a research project on energy transition.

The active role of businesses in supporting the educational system was also discussed through  "Con la Scuola", the initiative designed by Snam and Consorzio ELIS in collaboration with Luiss Business School, a virtuous collaboration between businesses and the school system in the area of education dedicated to school leaders and teachers.

The pilot phase of the project was launched in 2018 in 30 institutes throughout Italy targeting 30 school leaders, 30 educational lecturers and 10 school governors (around 70 people in total) and it was concluded in 2019.

In February 2020 there was the presentation event of the activities planned for the second edition of the project and, on the occasion of the event, which was attended by about 90 school leaders, vice principals and teachers, an agreement was also signed between Snam, Confindustria and ANP with the aim of co-designing educational activities and making the most of the partnership between schools and businesses.


WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO GENERATE VALUE? The vegetable garden in the network at Terranuova Bracciolini

Fotogallery Progetto

In 2014 Snam entered into an agreement with the Betadue Cooperative whereby it provided four years free use of a land parcel it owns located outside the headquarters in Terranuova Bracciolini (AR).
The Terranuova Bracciolini plant is surrounded by about four hectares of green area located outside the plant that is the site of a fruit and olive orchard (a total of about 150 fruit trees).
The company leased the land free of charge to the social cooperative Betadue, which is dedicated to the employment of disadvantaged people and specialised in the management of green spaces used for farming. The vegetable garden’s products are used in a short-range catering network that prepares the meals served in Valdarno schools and communities, realizing a true social vegetable garden.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO GENERATE VALUE? Snam and the synoptic panel donation

As part of the renovation of the Snam Rete Gas dispatching centre, this important technology was replaced with equipment that is even more cutting edge. For more than 30 years, via remote control, the panel managed the gas flows of the Italian grid and its injection point from the main European and North African gas pipelines. The old Italian synoptic panel was donated to the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo da Vinci” Foundation of Milan (MUST).

The ultimate aim of the donation is the creation of value for both the company and the museum. Snam will have the possibility of seeing its role as the major player in the country’s gas system recognised in Milan, centre of the Po Valley, a major hub of the company’s activities and history, precisely when it reaches its 75th anniversary. The museum, which is the largest and most visited technical-scientific museum in Italy, will add an important piece to its exhibitions, also providing new economic value to its offerings aimed at an ever growing public.

The synoptic panel can be seen both as a subject of study for its value as a technical instrument, and as an iconic object to gain more knowledge about the importance of gas in the national energy system and its role as a reliable and sustainable resource. Not only will the historical aspects be stressed, but it will also be possible to dwell on the positive returns of natural gas and its uses in achieving the goals of reducing climate change and global warming on account of it being a clean and efficient resource. 


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