Safe use of gas installations


Snam cares about service continuity while also ensuring the safety of the plants

Snam cares about service continuity while also ensuring the safety of the plants that provide the service. Each subsidiary, depending on its role in the company’s business, presents different risks and therefore requires dedicated monitoring and prevention actions.

Due to the maximum volumes of liquefied natural gas that may be present in the two storage tanks, the Panigaglia facility is subject to the regulations applicable to plants at risk of major accidents.
The Panigaglia LNG plant is subject to inspection visits by the Ministry of the Environment and Regional Technical Committee, while GNL Italia must submit a Safety Report describing the safety management system adopted, the major accident risks identified (Top Events), the internal emergency plan, the information sheet on major accident risks for citizens and workers and, finally, the information provided to the Authority to develop the external emergency plan.


The pipelines for the transmission of natural gas are one of the safest and most efficient ways of transporting energy. The underground metal pipelines are protected by a suitable insulated covering that protects the pipes from aggressive agents in the soil.
To ensure more effective levels of protection, it is possible to verify potential reductions in pipeline thickness and monitor their evolution over time by using an inspection technique known as an “intelligent pig”.

As regards storage, with regard to the new projects for the operation of deposits in conditions of overpressure and the strengthening of monitoring systems, the activities aimed at monitoring micro-seismicity also continue in 2020, through the strengthening of its networks and their adaptation to standards of technological excellence.

Among the activities aimed at guaranteeing high quality performance, the development of a new management and automatic data processing system continues which, active since October 2017, has seen the gradual extension to 8 storage field and the integration of the automatic analysis system with the national seismic network, thus reducing the uncertainty in the location of events.


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