Safety in the workplace


Reduction of 36% in the accident frequency index for employees and contractors


The entire Snam Group has the certification of the occupational health and safety management systems according to standard ISO 45001


All 2020 was characterised by the significant attention paid by the entire Group to the issue of health and safety

2020 was a special year, characterized by the Covid-19 emergency. The attention to health and safety has therefore even increased becoming a central theme of the work activity. There were many initiatives dedicated to the health of workers:

  • 3,200 pulse oximeters distributed to measure the saturation or percentage of oxygen in the blood and heart rate to the entire company population;
  • 1,557 preventive serological tests performed on a voluntary basis available to the entire company population with possible access to the swab test in case of need.


How Snam works to prevent accidents

Management strategies Actions
Reducing the risk factors typically associated with
our work by means of risk assessment activities

In order to identify the possible risks present in a workplace and to analyze, evaluate and prevent situations of danger for the workers, the assessment of all risks is carried out with the consequent elaboration of the document required by Legislative Decree no. 81, 9 April 2008.

An in-depth analysis of the causes of accidents can identify possible measures for eliminating, mitigating or correcting risk factors by performing organisational, technical or operating solutions on equipment, plants, workplaces, and by implementing certain methods of operation and conduct.
The actions and results arising from our accident survey are subjected to further analysis at regular safety meetings, during which staff are informed about the causes of accidents and the measures taken to prevent them.

(improvement and prevention plans)

In a philosophy of continuous improvement in performance, together with consistent commitment carried out with levers such as training, technological innovation, and work organisation, Snam keeps on applying the “Snam4Safety” project to further strengthen the culture and awareness of health and safety issues on the part of all the personnel and contractors. In spite of the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the project continued in 2020, with the launch of a coaching activity for Operations Managers and Prevention and Protection Service Managers (ASPPs), with the support of DSS Sustainable Solutions Italy. This activity will continue in 2021. In addition, we have our “Zero Accidents Award”, whereby employees commit to achieving 365 consecutive days with no accidents at work on their commute. Every year, the winning team receives a significant reward.

Besides, during 2021, an initiative was undertaken in collaboration with the "Leadership in Health and Safety Foundation (LiHS)" which aimed to involve all the operational management of "Business Unit Asset Italia" to make it a protagonist, through the exercise of its own leadership, of the process of safety culture changement.

Specialist training We provide classroom and on-the-job technical and professional training on these issues, favouring teaching by our own experts and calling on high-quality external training entities and institutions where appropriate.
Supplier engagement Suppliers are evaluated carefully at the qualification stage and then controlled and monitored via feedback and inspections during the work execution phase.
Each year, we hold regular workshops with suppliers to present to them the Company’s strategic plans and to share best operating practice in safety, environmental and transparency matters. An initiative to raise awareness is also dedicated to contractors: the "Contractor's Safety Prize". Specifically, the performance of businesses is evaluated by collecting and analysing specific indicators (e.g. accident indices and negative feedback on the subjects of interest).


Working safely

Concerning the “Zero Accident Award" personnel are divided into standardised teams identified by operational unit/safety manager.

In 2020 10 teams involving a total of 1.535 employees received the award.


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