Safety culture


The Health and Safety Policy sets out Snam Group’s commitment to ensuring the safety and health of workers


All Snam units are equipped with health and safety management systems developed according to the internationally recognised standard, OHSAS 18001


In 2018, the number of accidents recorded for employees were 4, while those recorded for contractors were 3

The commitment of the Snam group to ensuring the health and safety of its workers is embodied in the Health and Safety Policy , combining environment and quality.

To further this commitment, Snam considers that it is essential to act both in cultural terms – improving the personal attitudes, conduct and responsibilities of its workers – and in systemic terms, promoting the implementation of suitable management systems. We are focused on workplace safety to the extent that bonuses awarded to our managers and executives depend partly on meeting targets in this area.

There were a total of 7 accidents in 2018 (11 in 2017), 4 of which involved employees (6 in 2017) and 3 involving supply contractors (5 in 2017). None of these accidents was fatal.

Health and Safety training and Zero Accident Award

  2018 2017 2016
Hours of HSE training delivered 28,345 9,641 19,288
Participants 4,953 1,695 3,184


Much of the awareness and training activities have been promoted to implement prevention and improvement plans focused on reducing accidents, one of Snam’s primary objectives. These actions have resulted in a significant reduction in employee accident data, and a number of organisational units have succeeded in reaching or maintaining the target of zero accidents. In order to raise awareness among employees on the safety issue, in 2011 Snam established an initiative called the “Zero Accident Award”, which rewards employees who go 365 consecutive days without an accident in the workplace. Personnel taking part in the initiative is divided into homogenous groups according to working activities. In 2018, 13 homogenous teams received the award involving a total of 1,550 employees. 

activity Homogeneous teams
Transportation Eastern-Central District; South-Eastern District; North-Western District; North-Eastern District; South-Western District; Northern District; Ingeneeriing and construction ; Staff; Operating Staff
Storage  POFT (Fiume Treste Operating Unit); PORS (Ripalta e Sergnano Operating Unit); CREMA (Operating Site); POCB (Cortemaggiore e Bordolano Operating Unit)

Accidents at work

  2018 2017 2016
Total employee accidents 4 6 4
Total contractor accidents 3 5 5


Employee and Contractor accidents at work - frequency index



Employee and Contractor accidents at work - gravity index



Frequency index: Number of non-commuting accidents with incapacity of at least one day per millions hours worked

Gravity index: Number of working days lost in relation to non-commuting accidents with incapacity of at least one day per thousands hours worked. Data include fatal accidents.

In-depth analysis is carried out to determine the actual cause of an accident, identify the appropriate corrective action, implement improvements and act on the behavioural styles of the people involved.



In addition to reducing the number of accidents at work, another priority for Snam is precisely the protection of the health of workers.

Snam constantly monitors the risk factors associated with its company personnel, as well as those of workers exposed to specific, risks and defines ad hoc prevention and protection measures that are implemented by carrying out appropriate periodic health checks, which include:

  • Medical visits
  • Periodic medical examinations
  • Investigations
  • Environmental surveys

To find out more about medical visits and medical examinations read the page about Social group Indicators

Workplace health promotion (W.H.P.)

This project was started in 2010 based on the collaboration between ASL in Bergamo and Confindustria (the Confederation of Italian Industry) in Bergamo, based on the shared conviction that promoting workers’ health is in everyone’s interest.
In this area, ASL Milan has promoted the project at all major companies in the Lombardy Region including companies of the Snam Group.
Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) involves the promotion of factors related to improved work organisation and a better work environment, encouraging staff to participate in healthy activities, promoting healthy choices and encouraging personal growth.
The project’s activities include:
• Performing effective good practices with the scientific support of the ASL;
• Joining a Regional Network (the sharing of experiences and materials produced among member companies) with the accreditation of a “Company promoting health”;
• The company voluntarily joining the project;
• Activities to promote health seen as an invitation and opportunity for workers;
• Assessment and measurement of results obtained on an anonymous basis.
Initial activities included the presentation of the programme to all employees with the administration of an anonymous questionnaire aimed at monitoring the spread of crucial conduct and risk factors for health, and at assessing the effectiveness of the measures taken.
The company is accredited through an annual procedure to plan and implement good practices in compliance with a minimum number of good practices in the six specific theme-based areas of the programme.

  • Promotion of proper nutrition
  • Anti-smoking campaign
  • Promotion of physical exercise
  • Road safety and sustainable commuting
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Promotion of personal and social wellbeing
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