Safety culture

Safety culture


The Health and Safety Policy sets out Snam Group’s commitment to ensuring the safety and health of workers


All Snam units are equipped with health and safety management systems developed according to the internationally recognised standard, ISO 45001


In 2021, the number of accidents recorded for employees were 11, while those recorded for contractors were 1

The commitment of the Snam group to ensuring the health and safety of its workers is embodied in the Health and Safety Policy , combining environment and quality.

Actually the protection of the health and safety of its workers has always been at the heart of the Company's attention, considering the nature of the activities carried out by its employees on site and the operations required, for example, in infrastructure construction. To properly monitor this issue, Snam Group benchmarks Health and Safety performance against industry standards, all company activities are governed by management systems certified according to ISO 45001 on health and safety at work and good practices are adopted, promoted and shared with suppliers.

Despite the Group's efforts to reduce injury rates, also due to the acquisition of new businesses that need time to adapt to Snam's policies, a total of 12 injuries occurred in 2021 (5 in 2020) . Specifically, 11 occurred to Group employees (3 in 2020), of which 4 occurred in companies in the regulated sector (1 in GNL Italia and 3 in Snam Rete Gas) and 7 in companies in the non-regulated sector (4 in Cubogas, 2 Mieci and Evolve and 1 in IES Biogas); and 1 to a contractor (2 in 2020), which had a fatal outcome. However, despite an increase in the number of injuries, the severity of the same has decreased, as shown by the severity index, which remained in line with that of last year.

The company elaborated an internal document, the so called Manuale HSEQ, in which describes actions, targets and improvement pograms in order to improve its performance within the HSEQ area.

Read an abstract of Manuale HSEQ

Read an abstract of HSEQ Improvement Program

HSE training and Zero Accident Award

  2021 2020 2019
Hours of HSE training delivered 22,526 12,602 29,755
Participants 4,089 3,016 5,580

Much of the awareness and training activities have been promoted to implement prevention and improvement plans focused on reducing accidents, one of Snam’s primary objectives. These actions have resulted in a significant reduction in employee accident data, and a number of organisational units have succeeded in reaching or maintaining the target of zero accidents. In order to raise awareness among employees on the safety issue, in 2011 Snam established an initiative called the “Zero Accident Award”, which rewards employees who go 365 consecutive days without an accident in the workplace. Personnel taking part in the initiative is divided into homogenous groups according to working activities. In 2021, 10 homogenous teams received the award involving a total of 1,296 employees. 


Accidents at work

  2021 2020 2019
Total employee accidents 11 3 2
Total contractor accidents 1 2 5


Accidents at work - Employees and contract workers frequency index



Accidents at work - Employees and contract workers severity index



Frequency index: Number of non-commuting accidents with incapacity of at least one day, per millions hours worked.

Gravity index: Number of working days lost in relation to non-commuting accidents at work resulting in absence of at least one day, per thousands hours worked. Data include fatal accidents which are counted as 7,500 days of absence.

In-depth analysis is carried out to determine the actual cause of an accident, identify the appropriate corrective action, implement improvements and act on the behavioural styles of the people involved.



In addition to reducing the number of accidents at work, another priority for Snam is the protection of the health of workers.

Snam constantly monitors the risk factors associated with its company personnel, as well as those of workers exposed to specific, risks and defines ad hoc prevention and protection measures that are implemented by carrying out appropriate periodic health checks, which include:

  • Medical visits
  • Periodic medical examinations
  • Investigations
  • Environmental surveys

To find out more about medical visits and medical examinations read the page about Social group Indicators

In addition, Snam offers to its employees initiatives and services relating to health and well-being in the welfare system. To learn more, read the Employee Initiatives page

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