The role of suppliers and contractors


Suppliers are more and more involved in Health and Safety initiatives in Snam


During 2019, the contractor accidents increased, even if it stays at low levels


In 2019, about 600 contractors signed contracts with Snam

Snam is increasingly committed to the dissemination of a culture aimed at promoting the health and safety of workers, a culture that has also led to the progressive promotion of these values to suppliers, increasing their awareness of the issue.

Snam supports suppliers with the sustainability process by sharing its know-how.

In order to accompany its suppliers throughout a continuous improvement process, Snam has chosen to make its know-how available through a network approach by means of a knowledge-sharing system. This approach helps to increase the company’s competitive advantage. Indeed, the systematic and structured exchange of information (via the Internet or other bi-directional models) represents an opportunity to transmit information in real time, improving administrative communication and facilitating the provision of training and information, which benefits corporate interests. In short, it helps to generate value for the company.

Contractor Safety Trophy

As it did with the Safety Trophy intended for all Snam employees, Snam instituted the “Contractor Safety Trophy”, an initiative carried out every year to better focus supplier attention on health and safety issues by evaluating their HSE performance with specific indicators (accident indices, near misses, evidence from audits or inspections,feedback on topics of interest).
In 2019 the Contractor Safety Trophy, for the 2018 results,was awarded to the Max Streicher, for the third year in a row, a company specialised in the building of energy infrastructure and constructing gas pipelines in particular.

2018 initiatives: Snam met its suppliers in the Partners’ Day to debate on innovation growth and safety

Under the scope of the activities carried out with its stakeholders, at the Partners' Day held in November in Milan, Snam met more than 500 people, including suppliers, customers, employees, institutions, the financial community and the media. The Chairman of the Board, representatives of the institutions and businesses took part in the initiative, which was an opportunity to debate on innovation and growth.
Some of the issues dealt with during the discussions were social development policies in the local areas, the role of companies as drivers of growth, digital transformation and network security.

2017 initiatives: the "Safety and the environment in contracting activities " workshop in the Partners’ Day

For its 75th anniversary, Snam, within the scope of “Partners’ Day”, held on 9 November 2017 at the “Leonardo da Vinci” Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, brought partners and stakeholders (including suppliers) together in an in-depth dialogue on future scenarios in the world of energy.
After a plenary session where issues such as the importance of infrastructures, dialogue with the territories and the new uses of gas were addressed, an in-depth session was held - where nearly 500 people were divided up into working groups in order to discuss certain key issues, for example Safety and the environment in contracting activities (with the awarding of the 2017 Contractor Safety Trophy).

2016 initiatives: the "Environment and innovation, a challenge for everyone" workshop

In 2016 as well Snam met with its suppliers with the aim of creating a shared culture on fundamental issues, such as innovation, sustainability and business ethics.
During the meeting, in which more than 450 people took part, a great deal of attention was paid to the value of collaboration between the company and suppliers as a factor for development, the strategic importance of the sustainable supply chain, the theme of transparency and the fight against corruption.
Specific discussions then touched on more technical subjects, such as: the new procurement code; the environment and innovation (the best practices of foreign investees); innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry; the development of technologies to promote alternative uses of natural gas.
The event was recognised as a training credit by the Milan Order of Engineers.

2015 initiatives: the "Quality and transparency in the Company’s relationship with suppliers" workshop

Snam once again held its annual workshop for suppliers, giving it a chance to talk with its suppliers, consolidate quality standards throughout the supply chain and share its model of sustainable growth.
By means of training sessions, we discussed topics such as high-quality and transparent relations with suppliers, sustainability and shared value as a lever for responsible corporate growth, and the importance of quality, safety and environmental certification with regard to reputation and competitiveness. We focused, in particular,on workplace safety and the high standards of environmental protection to which the Group and its suppliers are asked
to adhere. Dedicated working groups tackled subjects like the Ethics and Integrity Agreement with suppliers, the subcontractor management system, the supplier qualification and assessment system, the eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for constructing and maintaining buildings and plants, enterprise risk management, and safety at Snam Rete Gas construction sites and Stogit and GNL Italia facilities.
Another working group was dedicated to presenting Italgas’s new model for managing construction site activity. Going forward, these initiatives represent the basis on which Snam will ensure quality, transparency and cooperation in its relationships with the supply chain – crucial elements for the growth of the Group as a whole and for the entire community.

2014 initiatives: the “La relazione responsabile tra impresa e catena di fornitura" (The Responsible Relationship between the Company and Supply) workshop

As a part of the dissemination of the sustainability culture, in July 2014 the third workshop was organised, this year at the Group level. The workshop was dedicated to “The Responsible Relationship between the Company and Supply Chain” focusing in particular on the sharing of information between the company and its suppliers, which is essential to enhance the sustainability culture and improve the best practices implemented by Snam and its suppliers.

2013 initiatives: the “Confrontarsi per prevenire e migliorare" (Sharing views to prevent and improve) workshop, the new Vendor Rating model, the supplier portal.

In 2013, the workshop “Sharing views to prevent and improve” continued the programme launched in 2011 with the “Supplier’s day for Sustainability” initiative, and continued in 2012 with the “My safety is your safety” workshop. “We consider our suppliers as primary stakeholders, with whom we cooperate to fully implement the Strategic Plan and together ensure the maintenance of company assets. In this logic, it is in our interest to interact and deal continuously in order to increase the quality of service and to ensure a process of continuous improvement of HSEQ performance,” CEO of Snam Rete Gas, Luca Schieppati, explained in his opening remarks.

During the meeting, several new initiatives developed by Snam to improve the efficiency of the supply chain were presented. These include the establishment of the “Safety Trophy” for Snam Rete Gas, the Supplier Portal – the new platform to more efficiently manage the supply chain processes and the new vendor rating model, which aims to ensure the quality of the services provided.

Infact, during 2013, the services assessment system was incorporated into a pilot project that introduced a points reward system for suppliers registering no accidents during execution of construction and maintenance activities on the gas infrastructure. Collection also began of the accident indices of suppliers throughout their working cycles, and not only as part of their relations with Snam. This was done to encourage more transparency and knowledge about the supplier and, where necessary, to start specific awareness-raising initiatives.

2012 initiatives: “La mia sicurezza è la tua sicurezza" (My safety is your safety) and the “Trofeo Sicurezza Appaltatori" (Contractors’ Safety Trophy)

In 2012, a number of target initiatives – such as Snam Rete Gas’s “My safety is your safety” workshop and the launch of the Italgas Safety Trophy aimed at contractors – have contributed to further increasing the involvement and awareness of suppliers with regard to these issues, including the importance of safety indicators in supplier assessment and qualification criteria.


The supplier portal

The establishment of a stable relationship of trust between Snam and its suppliers can only come from an ongoing and transparent communication. For this reason, since 2013, Snam has made a dedicated web platform available for them.
The suppliers portal represents the main tool used by the Company to implement its procurement policy, in total transparency, with the information published being total trackable. It contains documents, best practices, updates on the processes and procedures that regulate the qualification and procurement and the investigation activities (more than 713 thousand pages read in 2019, +51% compared to 2018).
All suppliers that registered in the portal have a dedicated reserved area available with information that involves them directly (the product categories for which they are qualified, the active contracts, the performance in terms of workplace safety, the notifications for the invoicing of the services provided).
The supplier portal is a tool constantly evolving and growing: the new features introduced every year improve its efficiency and stimulate the frequency of the interaction of the suppliers with Snam.
The increase in the main tracking indices shows that the portal is popular among suppliers:

  • more than 2,069 suppliers were registered at 31.12.2019
  • 1,881 users entered the portal at least once a year (+33%)
  • 23,952 communication emails were sent to suppliers (+104% compared to 2018)




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