Snam's commitments

Snam's commitments

Snam's commitments

Snam's commitments are on many fronts, from those on the environment with the commitment for carbon neutrality to 2040, the industrial plan to support the energy transition, the reforestation initiatives with Arbolia, to the continuous commitment in the social with, among other things, the support to the supply chain and the numerous initiatives of Snam Foundation, also involving employees in corporate volunteering initiatives.

Snam recognizes the importance of responsible digital development in the country's ecological transition and for this reason closely follows the issues of Corporate Digital Responsibility. Attention to the social dimension is also demonstrated by the support to Global Compact initiative and by the activities of the Snam Foundation. The environmental dimension is the protagonist of the new Neutral Carbon strategy by 2040 and all ESG factors are monitored with three-year targets in the ESG scorecard.

Acting in a sustainable and responsible manner is an integral part of Snam’s business strategy, investment decisions and daily practice: in short, it’s an important development factor for all business sectors.

Since 2011, the company has redefined its strategic thinking by reinterpreting the business activities from the perspective of Shared Value, which sees an increasingly close integration between business and corporate social responsibility. Shared Value strategy has evolved over time, taking concrete form in the creation of Snam Foundation, a reality that acts to develop the social ecosystem also by building networks with institutions, businesses and third sector entities, involving Snam employees through corporate volunteering initiatives.

Furthermore, Snam:

  • pays attention to protecting its employees and suppliers, including through the development of specific programmes, such as "Snam4Safety", to promote and spread a culture of safety in the workplace and the adoption of innovative policies such as the Social Supply Chain policy;
  • has outlined its activities in the area of Corporate Digital Responsibility, recognising the importance of responsible digital development as a key enabler for the ecological and energy transition;
  • confirms its commitment to the continuous development of its people through Snam Institute, which ensured in 2021 the provision of more than 80,000 hours of training for the company's employees.


The environmental sphere remains the focus of attention with the Neutral Carbon strategy by 2040, the new Scope 3 GHG emission targets involving suppliers and investee companies, and the ESG scorecard in which targets have been set covering all ESG factors.

The commitment to sustainable growth is also confirmed by Snam's active support to the Global Compact, for its principles and Sustainable Development Goals.


  • The sustainable development policy  - drafted by Snam in May 2012 - is centralised at Group level and applies directly to all Group subsidiaries

  • The Anti-corruption Policy declaration  which prohibits bribery of any public or private party, without exception, is contained in the Anti-corruption Procedure

  • In addition to the Group policy, Snam has signed the Charter of Environmental Sustainability Principles , promoted by Confindustria as a policy-defining tool that sets out the shared values and the actions needed for a progressive move towards greater environmental sustainability, establishing realistic and achievable goals for Italian companies

  • One of the sustainable development activities is a policy through which Snam develops and maintains its Business Continuity Management process: the purpose of this process is to increase the company’s ability to react in emergency situations and to improve the resilience of its business services. The Business Continuity Management policy  is centralised at Group level and applies directly to all Group subsidiaries

  • In 2018 Snam approved the Guidelines on Global Security (available in italian only) which illustrate the principles adopted by the Company to prevent security risks and reduce the impact of events potentially capable of generating negative effects for the company
  • Snam, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Model and its strategic growth plans, has also created a policy to manage its philanthropic activities and social initiatives

  • Snam recognises the central importance of stakeholders as the beneficiaries of the value created through the company's activities. In this view, the Company adopted in March 2016 a Stakeholder engagement policy  updated in June 2021  

  • Snam considers risk governance to be highly important and is committed to taking a structured, systemic approach to risk. In this view, the Company adopted in March 2018 the Enterprise Risk Management Guidelines

  • Snam considers the Human Rights Protection an issue of paramount importance.  In this view, the Company updated in June 2021 its Policy about Human Rights

  • Snam believes that Supply Chain's activities must promote an inclusive and sustainable economic growth. To this end the Company adopted in November 2018 the Social Supply Chain Policy 

  • Given the great importance attached to occupational health, safety, environmental protection and the quality of services provided, in 2022, Snam also updated its Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy ; this Policy applies to all employees, both staff and operational-territorial ". Snam guarantees all health and safety safeguards for all personnel who in any capacity work within their facilities. The principles expressed in the Corporate Policy extend to all subsidiaries
  • For Snam diversity means assuring meritocracy and creating work environments open to inclusion values, for this reason, in October 2019 the Policy Diversity & Inclusion was adopted
  • Reflecting Snam's committment on gender topic and to guarantee fairness during recruiting phases since November 2020 three annexes were added to the Policy Diversity & Inclusion: the Policy Diversity & Inclusion: gender equality , the Policy Diversity & Inclusion: recruiting and the Policy Diversity & Inclusion: harassment 

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