Snam Talks

Snam Talks

Snam talks

Projects and ideas for a more sustainable future.

Topics such as climate change, biodiversity, energy transition, territorial enhancement and sustainable development are all covered in the new “Snam Talks” series of videos: stories of women and men from different backgrounds, cultural spheres and professional fields who all share an interest for social responsibility. Projects and ideas for a more sustainable future.

Luca Mercalli

The great climate change challenge

The responsibilities of States, Institutions and businesses in the fight against climate change and its environmental impacts. A very important topic for the Italian meteorologist, climatologist, science communicator and academic.

Marco Alverà
CEO of Snam until April 2022

The importance of the energy transition

Innovation and sustainability will play a crucial role in the energy companies of the future. Sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, and renewable gases such as hydrogen and biomethane are keys to the Snam’s plans for the energy transition.

Milovan Farronato
Curator of the Italy Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennial

Art and sustainable commitment

Art as a tool to create awareness and a sense of responsibility for a sustainable development: the words of one of the top Italian contemporary art curators.

Valeria Mosca

Planet health: defending biodiversity

Exploring, gathering food and cooking: Valeria Mosca is promoting diets based on wild food with her Wood*ing project in Italy.

Nico Vascellari
Artist and performer

Growth and dialogue in a changing society

The dialogue between art, culture and the local area can create value and lead to a sustainable development. The artist Nico Vascellari discusses an unusual point of view.

Pietro Leemann

Lifestyles: a choice for the Planet

New sustainable economic models stem also from new lifestyles. In 1996, Pietro Leemann became the first vegetarian chef in Europe to receive a Michelin star and he made nutrition a way of life.

The interviews were recorded before the pandemic but the issues of sustainability today are more relevant than ever.

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