Stories about the future

  • Who is the Snam schools project “Tales of the Future. Discovering the Network�? aimed at?

    The project is aimed at 3rd, 4th and 5th grade primary school pupils in Italy and in four European countries: Austria (Baumgarten), Belgium (Brussels), France (Pau and Bordeaux) and the UK (Norwich and Bacton).

  • How can I get the free educational pack?

    You can get the free educational pack by emailing progetto scuola@designbox.it or you can download it directly by going to http://www.snam.it/en/Sustainability/stories_from_the_regions/Educational_Snam/index.html.

  • What does the educational pack include?

    The pack includes:

    • A teacher’s guide, with in-depth information on the subject and ideas for class activities
    • Pupils’ notebooks with interesting facts and games
    • 6 audio files  so you can listen to the bio-diversity stories in class
    • A workbook with six stories
    • A fun class poster
  • When does the competition close?

    The competition closes on 23 May 2014. Competition entries must be postmarked or received by this date and should be sent to the following address:
    c/o Design Box - via G. G. Belli 27
    00193 Roma

  • What kind of artwork should I enter?

    Your competition artwork can be created with any kind of painting technique and can be in any size.

  • What should my competition entry include?

    Pupils should create their competition entries by taking inspiration from the following six “Bio-stories”

    1. Fosco the toad and the non-wood wood
    2. The Nebrodi Park and the magic seeds
    3. Frizzy the roe deer and the animals’ hidey-hole
    4. Mrs Net and Fly, the helicopter with 4,000 eyes
    5. Pig, the little surfing robot
    6. The multi-coloured flag
  • How can I help my students to create a competition entry?

    Start off with the six “Bio-stories” and play an association game. That way each student can describe what struck them most and how they want to illustrate that. 
    Or you could start off with the key words in the six “Bio-stories” and each student can unleash their creativity and say whatever comes to mind. This might be in the form of adjectives, actions, or particular characteristics.

  • How many entries can I send in?

    Each class can create one competition entry,

  • Do I have to pay for postage when sending in an entry?

    No. We’ll cover postage costs for competition entries and an express courier will collect your work.

  • How do I arrange collection?

    If you want us to come and pick up your entry, contact the Call Centre either by emailing progettoscuola@designbox.it or by calling  06 94364114
    Bookings for collection must be made by the competition deadline date, which is 23 May 2014.

  • How will you judge the competition entries?

    Your work will be examined by a special committee. Their decision is final and cannot be contested and they will allocate the competition prizes.
    When assessing the entries, the committee will consider the following criteria:

    • Relevance to the topics proposed and to the content of the six “Bio-stories”
    • Ability to represent the topic, i.e. how the pupils depict their theme 
    • Originality
  • What are the prizes?

    Competition entries sent in by classes will be used by an artist as a starting point for the creation of “Calendario di Snam 2015 – Snam’s 2015 calendar”. The three classes that come up with the best work at national level will receive an interactive whiteboard. There are a maximum of three prizes.

  • How do I know if I’ve won?

    We will contact the winning schools by e-mail and by phone, and the winning entries will be announced on the Sustainability page on www.snam.it

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