Stories about the future

  • Who is the school project “Stories about the Future. The Network of Learning: science, knowledge…science fiction!�? promoted by Snam aimed at?

    The project is aimed at all 3rd, 4th and 5th year primary school classes nationwide. Classes of the same level in some European cities can also take part

  • How can I request the free learning material?

    To request the free learning material you can send an email to progettoscuola@designbox.it or download it directly by clicking on this link.

  • What does the learning kit include?

    The kit includes:

    • A Teacher’s guide, with notes on the topics and ideas for classroom activities
    • A pupil’s exercise book, with interesting content and games
    • 6 design and innovation sheets
    • A fun poster for the classroom with the 3 characters
    • A pre-addressed letter of carriage for sending competition entries free of charge
    • 3 sender labels to be filled out
  • When is the closing date for the competition?

    The closing date for the competition is 27 April 2015. Entries must be sent no later than this date – the postal stamp or collection request being proof of dispatch - to the competition office:
    DBX c/o Cromo Lab Srl
    via GG Belli, 27 00193 Roma

  • Can I enter any kind of picture?

    Any kind of picture, using any kind of painting technique and in any format, can be entered.

  • What should the picture consist of?

    To create their picture, pupils should take their inspiration from one of the six Sheets or from the contents of the Pupil’s exercise book, or use their imagination and creativity to represent themes, situations or contexts related to the future and science fiction inventions relating to ”energy”, “sustainable development” and “the environment”. Each picture should have a title describing what it represents.

  • How can I help my pupils make a competition entry?

    To help your pupils, you can start, for example, by using one of the 6 Sheets or the things they learned during the course. Each group of pupils can give their imagination free rein, depicting what struck them the most and how they intend to develop it in their “invention”.

  • How many entries can I send?

    To take part in the competition, each class should create a group picture (max. three pictures per class – no pictures by individuals).
    The sender label contained in the kit should be filled out and attached to the back of each picture.

    The school may request the free collection of the entries by express courier.

  • How can I arrange for the entries to be collected?

    To arrange a collection, contact the School Call Centre by sending an e-mail to progettoscuola@designbox.it or calling +39 06.21118426.
    The collection must be arranged before the competition closing date of 27 April 2015.

  • How will the competition entries be judged?

    The pictures will be examined by a special panel of judges, which will decide on the winners and their relative prizes. Its decision is final.
    The following criteria are used to assess the entries:

    • relevance to the themes proposed,
    • the pupils' ability to represent their chosen theme
    • originality
  • What are the prizes?

    The three winning classes will receive:
    1st prize: an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB.)
    2nd prize: a Microscope with tablet
    3rd prize: a Laboratory Physics Kit
    20 highly commended entries will each receive a set of watercolour pencils.

  • How do I know if I’ve won?

    The winning schools will be contacted by the competition office by fax or telephone and will be listed on the sustainability page of the website www.snam.it

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