Poggio Renatico: infrastructure and territory

Poggio Renatico: infrastructure and territory

The construction of the compression station in the province of Ferrara is one of Snam Rete Gas’ best practices in the cooperation and interaction with the community, which goes from the design phase to the integration of the facility into the territory.

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On 14 October 2008, in Poggio Renatico, one of the eleven compressor stations located along the national gas pipeline network came into operation. Compressor stations are fundamental systems that ensure the safe supply of energy in Italy, as they regulate the flow of gas throughout the transmission network.

In particular, gas imported from the South and North-East converges on the distribution node at Poggio Renatico and is then conveyed to the areas of consumption and storage sites of the Po Valley.

For the construction of the station near Ferrara, which is certified according to UNI EN ISO 14001 standards, Snam Rete Gas followed procedures that for the company represent internationally recognised operational practices, designed to ensure a high level of safety, reliability and operational efficiency.

As always, the construction works and the environmental mitigation and restoration measures were shared with the local authorities and the community. The activities are described in the document "Sustainability at work" (“Sostenibilità all’opera” in Italian), in which the reasons behind the design of the station, the details of works and dialogue with the community are summarised in a transparent manner.

Four years after the station was commissioned, we returned to Poggio Renatico to gather some feedback on the relationship between the company and the local area and its effective integration into the urban fabric..


Sustainability at work

Da quest'anno all'interno del Bilancio di Sostenibilità di Snam Rete Gas viene creata una “ vetrina” in cui verranno approfonditi alcuni aspetti peculiari o progetti specifici legati al tema della sostenibilità.
Per il primo anno si è scelto di dare evidenza alla realizzazione della centrale di compressione gas in località Poggio Renatico.

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