Sentieri Stagionali

Sentieri Stagionali

The site and the app

Sentieri Stagionali is a digital platform that enhances the Italian parks and guides visitors in learning and discovering them, season by season.

The website features a description of the area, of both economic and social fabric and of the cultural tradition of the natural parks. Thanks to its photographic material involves the visitor and allows to plan personalized routes. Along with the web site there is a mobile app that allows to carry your personalized route with you, even if there is no phone signal. The project combines digital storytelling with experience of living the Italian parks.

Since the launch of the web-based platform, in june 2016, the web portal registered more than 23.000 page views and 6.000 unique users; the app for mobile phones was downloaded 2.000 times (on IOS and Android devices) and obtained an average rating over 4.9 out of 5.

The project

The platform comes from Snam’s aim to help visitors of the parks and hikers to enjoy natural heritage, economic fabric and services offered by local territories, providing everybody with information and multimedia support . Not only a brand new experience to discover and explore, but also a new way to put into practice Corporate Social Responsibility, that for Snam is led by the principle of shared value, aimed at creating value for the local areas that interact with the company.

A new approach in communicating the environment, meeting the needs of those who love nature. A stance that comes along with information, suggestions of photo stories and itineraries recommended by experts. Everything always available, from any device, even offline. Thanks to Sentieri Stagionali, wandering among the beauties of Italy becomes easier and safer.

Even the design has been a shared experience: two workshops, many ideas and a common aim. From here it kicked off a long process of design thinking, fostered by experts of nature and technology. A path that led to realization of a site and a mobile app that take into account the real needs of those who would use them.


Nebrodi Park, Prealpi Giulie Park, and Ticino Park are the first subjects of Sentieri Stagionali. The partnership with Federparchi and editorial collaboration with LifeGate means a large-scale effort to embrace, step by step, other Italian parks.

The Sentieri Stagionali at the Social Media Week

The platform – both app and website - was presented at the Social Media Week in Milan in a dedicated panel. Hosted at the BASE of Bergognone street 34, the event was the ideal stage to illustrate Sentieri Stagionali, a project that combines digital technology and preservation of the territory. A concrete example of how environment and innovation can work together to create value.

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Discover the web site and the app for iOs and Android

Go to the site or download the app for iOs iOs or Android Androind .


Social Media Week MIlan 9 June 2016 10:30 A.M. BASE Milan (Bergognone street, 34)

At the Social Week Milan the presentation of the Sentieri Stagionali platform.

Along with Snam the presentation features Federparchi and LifeGate.

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