Snam senza frontiere

Snam senza frontiere


Begins in March the second edition of "Snam Senza Frontiere”, is new welfare initiative involving all Group employees and its foreign affiliates in various activities in the spirit of fun, health and team making. A year of sports, creativity and charity will start with a ski and snowboard race and will then continue with other competitions. In April, participants will compete in the Milan Marathon (in groups of four as a relay race) and in the following months they will demonstrate their abilities in the kitchen in a revival of a cooking TV show and eventually compete in the Snam Summer Games in beach soccer, climbing and other summer sports. Along with the initiative two contest take place: teams will try to produce the best storytelling of Snam Senza Frontiere and snap the best photo in a competition that will be judged on the “Snam Social Lab”Facebook page.

The event will end with an award ceremony to close up Snam Senza Frontiere 2017.


The initiative, which brings to mind a famous TV programme, is inspired by the principle of “work together, win together” and aimed at creating new networking opportunities for colleagues from different branches and countries, reinforcing the links and sense of belonging to the Group, enabling access to entertainment and promoting health and personal wellbeing.

Therefore, there is a specific focus on team composition, as each team must ensure a fair gender balance as well as a balanced representation of the Group’s different companies and management teams. In line with the Group’s widespread presence throughout Italy, parallel competitions will also take place in different locations around the country.


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