A vegetable garden in the Network: pictures, words and flavours between Leonardo's vineyard, Expo and Tuscany

A vegetable garden in the Network: pictures, words and flavours between Leonardo's vineyard, Expo and Tuscany


Describing an initiative of social responsibility through people, their faces and products of the earth. "A vegetable garden in the Network" project, promoted by Snam in collaboration with Betadue Social Cooperative, is presented through the pictures of photographer Christian Sinibaldi (Machas agency). Opened in Milan, in the fascinating setting of Leonardo’s Wineyard, the physical exhibition  then moved to Terranuova Bracciolini compressor station, but visitors of Milan Expo were able to see the multimedia exhibition in the northeast area of the site. Additionally, on 23 September, a whole day was dedicated to “A vegetable garden in the Network” at Terranuova Bracciolini compressor station, a special happening thanks also to Simone Rugiati’s show cooking.

Hands, expressions and a wheelbarrow load, smiles and seeding: the photos do not depict only the work of the people involved, but unveil a project of social integration and of shared value. "A vegetable garden in the Network " project results in the production of vegetables and legumes and in the involvement of the community, creating social value for local area.

The project was born in the green hills of Valdarno. Snam leased free of charge a parcel of land - adjacent to Terranuova Bracciolini's compressor station - to Betadue. The cooperative has started cultivation employing disadvantaged people, that in this way are included in the working network. The products are distributed in a zero kilometers food system.


A company is socially responsible when it operates in an ethical and transparent way. "A vegetable garden in the Network" is the result of the sustainability philosophy of Snam, which pivots its activities on people, on communities, on environment, and on creation of shared value.

Faces and activities

Thanks to "A vegetable garden in the Network" Snam’s compressor station of Terranuova Bracciolini integrates with the community. A close link that takes evidence in Betadue's project collective restoration, that means over 2 thousand meals prepared every day with the vegetables of the network, served in Valdarno schools and communities.

The landscape

A look from one of the oldest streets of Italy shows how Snam’s Terranuova Bracciolini compressor station is well integrated with Valdarno landscape. At the foot of Pratomagno, nestled among olive trees and vineyards, at a stone’s throw to streets and districts that date back to the Etruscans.

Simone Rugiati's show cooking

Wednesday, September 23, the vegetable garden was the star of a special day at Terranuova Bracciolini station. Simone Rugiati - one of today’s most famous chefs - held a cooking show focused on products of the vegetable garden Network, speaking not only of tasty vegetable dishes but also about food culture.

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Museo Vigna di Leonardo, Corso Magenta 65, Milano, 20 settembre, ore 19.00

Expo Milano, Spazio Espositivo Cardo Nord-Ovest, dal 18 al 24 settembre

Terranuova Bracciolini (AR), 23 settembre

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