Valuing people

Valuing people


Snam respects the dignity of everyone and offers equal opportunity in all phases of employment, not partaking in any form of discrimination, for this reason, during 2021 one new appendix of the Policy Diversity&Inclusion was adopted regarding Harassment. Besides, Snam launched in 2022 the second edition of its Inclusion week


Training, besides fulfilling its traditional role of developing skills and competencies, is also used as a tool to support organisational integration and change management processes


Snam, in line with the goal of sustainable development "Decent work and economic growth" (SDG 8), offers a stable and constant employment relationship, mainly in Italy, with qualified and specialist activities.

About 92% of personnel (92.2%) are on a permanent employment contract.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to grow a business in the European gas market because it requires diverse skills, teamwork and an ever greater capacity to innovate. This means improvements to human capital are crucial in continuing to create value.
Snam has always benefited from high levels of technical and managerial ability, know-how,innovation and vision. Every year, the Company works hard to strengthen its systems and policies for shaping leadership and employee performance, giving staff all the tools they need to be agents of change. In fact Snam considers the valuing of people with all their diversities, training, communication, well-being of employees and inclusion to be core values.

These values derive from Human Rights respect in a broader sense. Values applied in Snam's personnel policies and promoted with Snam's adhesion to Global Compact, with the diffusion of its Code of Ethics and with the adoption of the Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

These values bring together different companies into a single group and help to build new and efficient management and communication systems, making fundamental changes to the organisation and the role of each person, while also enhancing their individual skills.

With a view to continuous improvement, since the end of 2018 the company has implemented annual listening initiatives aimed at the entire company population. In 2020 the survey areas, to which 67% of employees replied, concerned: engagement, work arrangements, business focus, support and collaboration, policies and well being. The evidence that emerged and measured through the survey measurement scale (Agree | Fairly Agree |? | Fairly Disagree | Disagree) has returned the portrait of an organization that is constantly focused on business objectives, connected and informed thanks to initiatives for employees, confident in the management's ability to protect people's health and guide the organization through new business challenges. The level of engagement is particularly high, accompanied by good affiliation sentiment.

Here can be found an abstract of results (available only in italian).

Snam's committment towards Company's people is testified by the study "Italy's Best Employers", carried out by Corriere della Sera in collaboration with Statista, which recognises Snam as the best company to work for in Italy in the Energy sector for the second year in a row.

Snam’s personnel: a photo

Working at Snam requires essential skills for managing technologies, control systems and increasingly complex IT systems and procedures. As a result, about 54% of  3,430 Group employees have technical specialist degrees. University graduates, mainly in engineering and economics, amount to nearly 33% of the corporate population and European network strategic development projects require the further enhancement of these skills in order to manage the complexities of the work carried out. Snam is a company that is gradually becoming younger: with an average age slightly over 43, people under 40 (1,463) represent 43% of the company population, an increase of 15% compared to 2020, thanks also to the hiring of young resources in recent years, able to bring new knowledge and skills with respect to new businesses for the energy transition. The value of experience is provided by people over 50, who make up about 50% of the company population.

A total of 92.2% of Snam personnel people have permanent employment contracts and 502 – about 15% of the total workforce – are employed in Southern Italy. The average length of service is about 16 years.

Snam Group workforce

  2019 2020 2021
Executives 111 131 141
Managers 493 549 600
Office workers 1,683 1,764 1,880
Manual workers 738 805 809
Total employees 3,025 3,249 3,430

Distribution of Employees by geographical area (no.)


Breakdown employees for country 2021

Country % of total workforce % of total management workforce
Albania 0.12 0.00
China 0.00 0.00
Italy 98.95 99.33
Romania 0.41 0.13
Slovakia 0.03 0.13
Other 0.50 0.40


Turnover data 2021

Total Turnover
  Executives Managers White collars Blue collars Total
Turnover rate 6.6 2.3 7.7 3.3 18.3
Voluntary exit rate 1.5 3.5 2.8 1.9 2.6
Exit rate 6.6 6.4 6.1 6.6 6.3
Female Turnover
  Executives Managers White collars Blue collars Total
Turnover rate 7.0 9.9 12.5 0.0 23.5
Voluntary exit rate 3.5 2.5 3.6 0.0 3.4
Exit rate 3.5 3.3 7.0 0.0 6.0
Male Turnover
  Executives Managers White collars Blue collars Total
Turnover rate 6.5 0.2 6.4 3.4 17.3
Voluntary exit rate 0.9 3.8 2.6 1.9 2.5
Exit rate 7.4 7.3 5.9 6.6 6.4

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