Promoting talents

Promoting talents


SnamInnova's Call4Startup Innovative Learning, launched in 2021, helped Snam Institute  to improve the quality of engagement and training in the company.


In 2021, 89,375 hours of training were delivered to the employees with 15,108 participations.


Snam’s commitment for the future is to give 320,000 training hours by the end of 2023 

In 2021, the fourth cycle of Performance Management was launched, expanding the perimeter to the population of Technicians and Employees BUAIT (Business Unit Asset Italia) and part of the New Business

Valuing people means understanding their capabilities, developing their skills and enriching their professional and human qualities. Training is the ideal development tool to enhance the value of a company’s human resources.

Performance Management contains both targets regarding business and targets regarding behavioural aspects expressed in our competence model. The process consists of three phases: the definition of objectives, the development interview between manager and collaborator to define development and enhancement actions for people and, finally, the evaluation and return of the final feedback.

During 2021, the fourth cycle of Performance Management was launched, going to expand the perimeter to the population of Technicians and Employees BUAIT (Business Unit Asset Italia) and part of the New Business, which raised the number of people evaluated to 2,853 (+ 77.6%). The process was supported by an activity of ad hoc training organized for the territory starting from October 2020 and ending in February 2021.

In 2021 about 30% of open positions are filled by internal candidates. 

In order to develop people's skills, Snam has moved from a training course-based approach to paths carved out for specific requirements.

The company therefore moved from a logic of “courses” to that of training “paths,” i.e. the identification of more highly structured training methods that, over time, support the operational management of the business, in which the local HR departments play a more central role.

During 2021, 89,375 hours of training were provided with 15,108 participants, providing an average of 26.1 hours per employee, equal to an average of 2.5 days per employee, with an average training cost per employee of about 783 euro. 
In addition, approximately 22,526 hours of training were provided, with 4,089 participants attending exclusively on HSE issues, topics that are always central to Snam employee training. To further strengthen its commitment in this field, Snam Institute has signed a collaboration agreement with the National Fire Brigade for the provision of training to technical personnel through courses on the safe management of gas infrastructures, fire prevention and other topics related to transport, storage and regasification activities.

The Snam Institute training catalog has been enriched with 20 new e-learning courses and 48 courses provided in Distance Learning, whose structure and duration have been adapted, in line with the reduction in the average concentration time of people online.

We are the pioneers of energy, promoting innovation to serve the community.

We are the pioneers of energy, promoting innovation to serve the community.
Snam is very aware of the changing state of the climate and takes care in the evolution of its management models. Therefore, the Innovative Learning project continues to totally innovate training, in parallel with the changes that have taken place in the business and favoring the continuous development of technical and managerial knowledge, enhancing the Competence Centers and Professional Families, through digitalization and new technologies.

The Skill centres and the Internal faculty

In order to preserve the important heritage of its technical know-how, to develop it and transfer it to the new generations, Snam established the Skill Centres, namely groups of people across the organisational structures with consolidated and recognised know-how and expertise in specific areas that are important for the business. The main objective of the project is to monitor, develop and disseminate corporate know-how also through innovative training activities and professional development.

The Skill Centres are supported by an “Internal Faculty” made up of 80 employees who transfer their technical and business knowledge to other colleagues with a “by Snam to Snam” approach.

Project "Con la Scuola"

The Snam Institute is the institution dedicated to training not only employees and collaborators, but also stakeholders to create shared value for communities.
The project "Con la scuola" was born from the partnership between companies and the school system and from the growing public awareness that the teaching staff today face new challenges due to the strong social and cultural changes which have developed over the last two decades: multiculturalism, digital native students and the digitization of programs and teaching tools.
This project overturns the model of school-work alternation. Instead of directly involving students, it does so by providing the teaching staff with approaches, methodologies and tools aimed at building a real didactics by skills.


In particular, during 2021, the following activities were implemented:

  • 24 institutions were involved;
  • 100 class councils were held;
  • 500 teachers and 2,000 students took part;
  • 125 hours of training of which 13 days in-person, have been provided.

2021: hours of training delivered

  2018 2019 2020 2021
Total hours of training (no.) 107,771 114,179 67,966 89,375
Participations (no.) 13,999 26,518 17,437 15,108
Average training hours per employee (no.) 35.7 37.7 20.9 26.2
Involvement (%) 93 99.2 90 78


2021: training hours age breakdown


Age range (years)  hours erogated (no.)
< 25 24,020
tra 25 e 29 22,939
tra 30 e 34 12,476
tra 35 e 39 6,303
tra 40 e 44 4,468
tra 45 e 49 3,740
tra 50 e 54 5,050
tra 55 e 59 6,930
tra 60 e 64 3,228
> 65 220
Totale 89,375


2021: main training initiatives

Description Hours provided (no.) participations (No.)
Managerial training 6,715 3,262
Technical training 53,648 4,750
Health, Safety, Environment and Quality 22,526 4,089



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