Employee initiatives

Employee initiatives

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All areas of the welfare system were strengthened and enriched with services to respond and help employees cope with the issues arising from the pandemic.


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Easy was launched in July 2020 as a flexible and customisable intranet, integrating the many applications used in the company while remaining simple to use.


The "BE PARENTS" program, an online training course that enhances at work the skills acquired as new parents, is still available for all the interested employeses


Corporate intranet

Snam's new intranet, co-designed with a group of 80 employee users, today confirms itself as an essential tool to ensure communication and encourage engagement, representing a virtual space available to all of Snam’s people and which can respond promptly to everyone's needs.

Easy is the only Italian intranet to have received, in 2021, an award from the American digital consultancy company Nielsen Norman Group, after winning the Intranet Italia Champions 2020 last year.

The award was assigned as part of the "Intranet Design Annual", which prized the ten best internal platforms at global level for their ability to facilitate remote working, support internal communication flows and simplify access to company services available to employees.

The Snam Company Welfare system

Corporate welfare is the set of operations - both as monetary support and services - which increases the level of social protection and the purchasing power of employees and can indirectly generate a good working environment.
The company's welfare system was created over time with the goal of accommodating the emerging needs and requirements of the corporate population.
Since 2018, the Welfare Plan has been developed on a digital platform called "Snammy" around five areas of intervention: Family, Education, Work/Life Balance, Well-being and leisure time, Health. The platform was equipped with a welfare assistant, activated as a single point of contact and mediator between personal needs and corporate welfare responses.
In the Family and Education areas, in addition to the "dediCARE" service, which helps solve small and large family problems, from assistance for the elderly to school tutoring, Snam has set up services and counters to assist families through listening services, legal and tax advice and discounts on the purchase of books and school supplies, as well as offering scholarships for employees' children.
In the Well-being and leisure time area, Snam offers the possibility of using sports centres at advantageous conditions and has devised the "SnammyBene" project, an awareness-raising initiative focused on individual well-being issues.
In the Health area, employees have access to concessions and incentives in the health field, thanks to insurance coverage paid for by Snam, in mobility, with public transport passes at advantageous prices, and in catering, with the company canteen and takeaway service for private use. In addition, Snam offers its people a system of flexible working, including smartworking, flexible working hours in and out, and "short Fridays", i.e. the possibility of ending the working day at 1 p.m.
In addition, the Flexible Benefits system continued, which increases the purchasing power of employees who participate in the initiative, transforming a portion of the participation bonus, up to the entire amount, into welfare credit that can be used to purchase services to support health, school and training, cultural and sports activities, travel, mobility and supplementary pension plans for themselves and their families. The advantage of converting part of the bonus into a welfare credit is that, on this amount, no tax is due and the company recognises an additional bonus that increases proportionally from 8% to 20% depending on the amount converted.

Besides all areas of the welfare system were strengthened and enriched with services to respond and help employees cope with the issues arising from the pandemic.

Areas  initiative 2020 activities






Nursery School Reimbursement for employees who use it

Social service for children, the elderly, disabled, etc. developed courtesy of the partnership with the regional cooperatives of the 3rd sector

Summer and study
periods stays

Stays for children of employees in certain locations of Italy

S.O.S. family

Professionally managed family counselling service


Low-interest loans

Legal and tax expert The service helps you in resolving your legal and tax questions
Maternity, adoptions and
foster care
Guide for parenting
Covid-19 response

Reimbursement of babysitter, search for babysitter with cost borne by Snam








Insurance coverage for non-work-related accidents

Supplementary healthcare
Insurance coverage that guarantees a portion for the reimbursement of expenses incurred for medical and hospital services at public and private healthcare facilities
Medical prevention Prevention protocols at affiliated medical centres
Specialised medical
services and check-ups
Arrangement with Monzino Cardiology Centre for visits intended for employees and their family members
Hours Smart Working, short Fridays, individual time accounts
Mobility Subsidised purchase of public transportation passes; shuttle service to San Donato Milanese
Mobility portal Traffic information, mobility app
Diet High-quality company restaurant and takeaway service for private use
Arrangements Insurance policies, bank credit cards, car hire, purchase of name-brand products, holiday bookings
Covid-19 response Covid policy covering expenses due to hospitalisation for pandemic virus; Meal on demand delivery service and provision of meal vouchers




Well-being and leisure time

Sports centres Arrangements for physical activity under favourable conditions
pension schemes
Supplementary pension funds, also funded by employer voluntary contributions
Snammybene Awareness-raising courses on individual well-being issues
Covid-19 response Workshops on healthy eating, post-emergency psychological support, yoga, pilates, mindfulness, postural exercise and digital detox



School Subsidies to purchase school textbooks, scholarships for employees' children and loans for school expenses
Covid-19 response Platform for remedial, educational guidance and video lessons for all levels, through one-to-one lessons with certified teachers



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