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In 2019 the "Agile re-design" project was launched for the creation of the new portal, which involved around 80 employees through focus group activities as they are the intended users



A new service is available, the "BE PARENTS" program, an online training course that enhances at work the skills acquired as new parents


snam senza frontiere

During 2019 "Summer Games", held in San Vincenzo, was a great success as part of "Snam Senza Frontiere"


Corporate intranet

Targeted at all Snam employees, the Group Intranet platform is a space for information and for raising awareness but also a place for sharing and developing knowledge.

In 2019 the "Agile re-design" project was launched for the creation of the new portal, which involved around 80 employees through focus group activities as they are the intended users.
The new version of the portal will be available from the second half of 2020.

The Snam Company Welfare system

Corporate welfare is the set of operations - both as monetary support and services - which increases the level of social protection and the purchasing power of employees and can indirectly generate a good working environment.
The company's welfare system was created over time with the goal of accommodating the emerging needs and requirements of the corporate population.
Digital culture and the well-being of people are the drivers of the welfare plan, active from 2018, reorganised around five areas of intervention: Family, Education, Work/Life Balance, Well-being and leisure time, Health. Five areas and 28 services (including corporate and contractual) to respond to the current needs and requirements of the company.
Among the most interesting new features the “BE PARENTS” programme stands out, an online training created in partnership with “Life Based Value”, that accompanies new parents during and after the birth of their child, to transfer the skills acquired as parents to their work activities. In its first year 66 employees joined the programme (of which the 45% are women).
In the Family area there are the digital education courses for parents and children on technological culture topics and
the “dediCARE” service which helps to resolve big and small family problems, from assisting old people to tutorials, to babysitting.
In the Well-being and leisure time section, in addition to the arrangements with leading health institutions and prevention programmes, SNAMMYBENE continues, the project is dedicated to the well-being of employees in its various aspects: diet, cognitive-emotional and financial.
Regarding the flexible working, the Smart Working programme was extended both in terms of scope of application and the number of hours, going from 62,930 hours in 2018 to 122,762 in 2019. This initiative is supported by flexible working hours forcoming in and leaving the office premises during normal working days, and "short Fridays",
where the working day can end from 13.00 onwards.
The “FLEXIBLE BENEFITS” system continued. It increases the purchasing power of employees who join the initiative, transforming a share of the participation bonus (a maximum of 60%) into welfare credit that can be used to buy services supporting personal health, for school and for education, for cultural and sports activities, for travel, mobility and supplementary pensions for oneself or one's family. The advantage of transforming part of the bonus into welfare credit consists in the fact that there is no tax due on this sum and the company awards to the employee a further bonus that increases proportionally from 8% to 16% based on the share converted.


Areas  initiative 2019 activities






Nursery School Reimbursement for employees who use it

Social service for children, the elderly, disabled, etc. developed courtesy of the partnership with the regional cooperatives of the 3rd sector

Summer and study
periods stays

Stays for children of employees in certain locations of Italy

S.O.S. family

Professionally managed family counselling service


Low-interest loans

Legal and tax expert The service helps you in resolving your legal and tax questions
Maternity, adoptions and
foster care

Guide for parenting








Insurance coverage for non-work-related accidents

Supplementary healthcare
 Insurance coverage that guarantees a portion for the reimbursement
of expenses incurred for medical and hospital services at public and
private healthcare facilities
Medical prevention Prevention protocols
Specialised medical
services and check-ups
Arrangement with Monzino Cardiology Centre for visits intended for
employees and their family members
Hours Smart Working
Mobility Subsidised purchase of public transportation passes; shuttle service
to San Donate Milanese
Mobility portal Traffic information, mobility app
Diet High-quality company restaurant and takeaway service for private use
Arrangements Insurance policies, bank credit cards, car hire, purchase of name-brand
products, holiday bookings




Well-being and leisure time

Sports centres Arrangements for physical activity under favourable conditions
pension schemes
Supplementary pension funds, also funded by employer contributions
Snammybene Workshops on food education, Financial education and mindfulness
"Snam Senza Frontiere" 2 corporate team-building events: winter games and summer games



School Subsidies to purchase school textbooks
Talent days Work orientation courses for employees'children
Coding Generation Creating a video game Stimulating different approaches to using the Internet
Training for employees and their children
Digital education Digital education courses for employees and their children



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