Our peers and market shares

Our peers and market shares

Snam operates in a complex European business framework, where in some Countries have few main players and others have many national peers. Further information on the continental scenario can be found at the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) web site or the Gas Infrastructure Europe data (GIE). The GIE gathers 67 operators of gas infrastructures across Europe: transmission pipelines, storage facilities and LNG terminals, among which Snam’s main competitors.

In the Energy Infrastructure business, some of the Group’s competitors are:



Terna (Italy): is the main Grid owner and is responsible for High Voltage electricity transmission and dispatching throughout the national territory

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Enagas (Spain): is the Technical Manager of the Spanish Gas System and the main carrier of natural gas

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REE - Red Eléctrica de España (Spain): manages the transmission grid and acts as sole transmission agent. It is also the System Operator

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National Grid

National Grid (UK): operates in the regulated businesses of transmission and distribution of electricity and gas mainly in UK and northeastern US

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As an integrated Group, operating in the Italian regulated gas sector, Snam also compares itself to the main players operating in the same business:

- in the natural gas transmission, peers operate primarily in Europe and are represented by GTE, the Gas Transmission Europe, an organization representing 31 main players of the sector.

- in the natural gas storage sector, the Group deals among all with Edison Stoccaggio, while in the regasification sector there are two Italian peers: Adriatic LNG and Offshore LNG Toscana.


Market share (30 June 2022)

In Italy, Snam is responsible for natural gas transportation,dispatching and storage as well as regasification of liquefied natural gas (LNG). With respect to the these three core business sectors, Snam is the largest in Europe in terms of the size of its transmission network (about 41,000 km, including international assets) and in terms of natural gas storage capacity (around 20 billion cubic metres, including international assets). Relative to regasification business, Snam is one of the largest continental operators through the Panigaglia terminal and its equity investments in the Livorno (OLT) and Rovigo (Adriatic LNG) systems, as well as in Revithoussa (DESFA) in Greece, for total pro quota regasification capacity of around 8.5 billion cubic metres annually.

Transport 32,762 km of gas pipelines 1 st > 90%
Storage 12,000 million m 3 of storage capacity (strategic storage excluded) 1 st > 90%
Regasification > 3.5 BCM of regasification capacity of the terminal 3 rd > 20%
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