Stogit is the largest Italian and European player in the gas storage sector, in which it operates under concession. Stogit uses depleted gas fields for storage, without altering the state of the places and maintaining the gas in same, safe conditions in which nature had stored it for millions of years. With the commissioning in 2015 of part of the Bordolano plant there are 9 operating fields (5 in Lombardia, 3 in Emilia Romagna and 1 in Abruzzo), thanks to which Stogit offers the market its storage capacity according to significant technical and economic efficiency criteria. Its integrated system consists of fields, where the gas is stored, and processing and compression facilities, which make the gas conform to the requirements of quality, pressure and temperature necessary for its subsequent injection into the transmission network. The operational dispatching centre, based at the headquarters in Crema, near Cremona, monitors the entire network with an advanced remote control system.

Among gas regulated activities, storage plays an important role as it helps compensating any difference between supply and demand for gas, thus ensuring continuity of supply. In summer, when demand is lower, the gas is stored in depleted gas fields, while during the winter it is extracted and injected into the network to meet increased consumer demand.


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