Snam's ethics

Snam's ethics

Snam's ethics

Snam is inspired by values of transparency, honesty and fair play. Its corporate governance is aligned with the international best practices. Our actions are based on continuous stakeholder relations, and a focus on sustainability and business ethics. The Group's anti-corruption program is acknowledged as an example of excellence.

Snam provides a service to Italy, thus ensuring the necessary conditions for economic development. Its actions foster the creation of shared value for the company, the stakeholders, and the local areas where the Group operates.

We regard people as crucial elements in the company. Thus, Snam is committed to develop the skills of management and employees, and to protect working conditions, and dignity. Snam offers equal opportunity in all phases and all aspects of employment, not partaking in any form of discrimination that may derive from differences in sex, age, state of health, nationality or political or religious opinions. Women and men of our Group are actively engaged in preventing and managing risks, in protecting the environment, in the health and public safety protection process.

Read more about our Code of Ethics, our Sustainable Development strategy, and our Corporate Governance.


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