Geographical presence

Geographical presence

With its more than 3,000 employees, Snam controls the regulated activities in Italy's natural gas sector and is a major player in Europe.

Snam transports and dispatches, stores natural gas and regasifies liquefied natural gas (LNG). Operating as an integrated operator in this way, the company plays a leading role in Italy's natural gas infrastructure system.

Beyond its home country, Snam oversees major European energy corridors thanks to agreements and shareholdings with prominent players in the industry. Through these agreements, it has a 23.54% stake in Interconnector UK (UK), 40.5% in Teréga (France), 84.47% in TAG (Austria), 20% in TAP (Italy-Albania-Greece), 49% in GCA (Austria) and 66% in Desfa (Greece). In July 2020 Snam, in consortium with 5 international investment funds, has completed the acquisition of 49% of ADNOC Gas Pipeline, wich holds, for a period of 20 years, the management rights for 38 pipelines in the United Arab Emirates, at approximately 10.1 billion dollars. The transaction - one of the most important ever registered in the global energy infrastructure sector and the first acquisition undertaken by Snam outside of Europe – is for Snam an important investment opportunity in strategic infrastructure, with the potential for future collaborations in the energy transition in the Gulf area. In 2021 Snam and Eni have entered into an agreement for the sale by Eni to Snam of a 49.9% stake in its subsidiaries operating TTPC and TMPC gas pipelines connecting Algeria to Italy. Finally in december 2021 has finalised the acquisition from Thai energy company PTTER of a 25% stake in the East Mediterranean Gas Company (EMG), owner of the Arish-Ashkelon gas pipeline (part of the so-called “Peace Gas Pipeline”) connecting the Israeli terminal of Ashkelon to the Egyptian receiving station of Al-Arish. 


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