Snam's purpose: "Energy to inspire the world"

Snam's purpose: "Energy to inspire the world"

2,500 years ago, Aristotle argued that the purpose of each individual is at the crossroads between his talent and the needs of the world. Snam's purpose, "Energy to inspire the world", also starts from this observation and means a lot more than being an engineering firm that builds and manages energy infrastructures. Through the work of its people, Snam is playing a leading role in the energy transition by guaranteeing stable and safe supplies of sustainable energy, providing heat and light to millions of homes , connecting countries and communities, and createing development opportunities while respecting the environment.

An effective purpose also strengthens a sense of belonging within the organization and creates a more equitable environment. In order to achieve this, Snam has evolved its internal processes, starting from selection processes, working on the transformation of the organization, by reducing the rules from 450 to 80, and the hierarchical levels from 8 to 6. Entrepreneurship and empowerment has been taken into consideration through the introduction of transversal project teams, agile working methods such as smart working, and new criteria to encourage professional development. Finally, communication processes are being constantly improved to ensure the transparency of information.

Learn more about purpose by listening to the first episode of "Snamcast -Talks to inspire the world", the podcast promoted by Snam that wants to give voice to important issues related to sustainability, talking about new sources of energy, efficiency and energy-saving, circular economy, and many other ideas that generate a better future.

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