Investments and network development


Snam has envisaged an increase in investments to € 5.7 billion for the 2018-2022 period, up 10% compared to the previous plan’s € 5.2 billion. The increase is due to both investments in new businesses and an increase in investments in maintenance and replacement activities.

In particular, the €5.7 bn investment can be broken down into €4.8 bn of planned investment for the transportation network, €0.7 bn for storage and regasification and €0.2 bn for new businesses linked to the energy transition.



In detail, € 4.8 billion are related to the transport network. The investments concerns development initiatives, including the TAP interconnection, connections in the North-West to service the local market and cross-border flows, the network in Sardinia.


Storage and LNG

Is expected an upgrading of the Fiume Treste storage facility. The increase in storage capacity confirming its increasingly strategic role for the security of the system (as evidenced by the trend in flows and prices at the PSV in the times of stress experienced by the system last winter).


New business for the Energy transition

In parallel with the growth in the regulated core business, the new Plan also envisages investments of at least €200 mln for the energy transition: biomethane, sustainable mobility and energy efficiency.


Development scenarios and strategies: regional investment plans

In the context of the regional cooperation of transmission system operators established by Article 12 of the REGULATION (EC) 715/2009*, Snam Rete Gas publishes within this section the Gas Regional Investment Plans (GRIPs) to which contributed as co-author.

* “Transmission system operators shall establish regional cooperation within the ENTSO for Gas to contribute to the tasks referred to in Article 8(1), (2) and (3). In particular, they shall publish a regional investment plan every two years, and may take investment decisions based on that regional investment plan”.


South-North corridor

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Southern corridor

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