Bordolano storage site

Bordolano storage site


The storage plant of the future, today


Located in in the heart of Pianura Padana, the storage field extends under the ground through Cremona and Brescia's areas (3 are the municipalities involved: Bordolano, Castelvisconti, Quinzano d'Oglio). Our most recent storage site, it allowed, already in 2017, a further increase of working gas up to 12.2 billion cubic meters (16.7 billion if we consider strategic stocks). the amount will increase up to 12.6 billion cubic meters in 2020, thus consolidating Stogit’s European leadership in overall storage capacity and confirming the strategic role of gas reserves to secure Italian supplies.



A model of efficiency, technology, security and environmental sustainability


With its 9 wells, 7 of which under construction, Bordolano’s plant has an injection and daily supply capacity of 20 million cubic meters of gas. It is a technological excellence: to reach the same daily supply a traditional plant has to use up to 20-25 wells. Bordolano's site occupies an area of 17 hectares, 8 of which are green areas: the plant is surrounded by 970 plants, 40,000 evergreen shrubs and 4 small lakes with aquatic plants. All these numbers characterize the site as model of integration with the environment, as acknoweledged by Italian Ministry of Environment.

Regarding safety, Bordolano can claim another Italian record: to this day it is the only plant provided with a system of underground sensors which monitor potential pipelines’ damages, a circuit of sound level meters to detect also little gas leaks and eavesdropping valves able to block the whole plant in two seconds, in the case of anomalies.


Key facts

  • 860 km of underground cables
  • 1,2 billion of cubic meters of working gas
  • 235 Bar maximum working pressure
  • 20 million of cubic meters injection and daily supply
  • 95.500 square meters of operative surface 80.500 square meters of green areas


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