The Italian Regulation

The Italian Regulation

parlamento_italianoIn Italy Snam operates in regulated activities. Regulatory matters play therefore a very significant role in the business of Snam and of its subsidiaries.
At a national level, the regulatory activities concern the following matters:

  • Tariffs - criteria for the determination of revenues and tariffs in each regulatory period;
  • Codes - the set of transparent and non-discriminatory rules for the access to and the use of the infrastructures;
  • Quality service levels - minimum standard levels of service quality for technical and commercial subjects.

The "Letta" Decree assigns roles and responsibilities on regulatory framework, to the Ministry of Economic Development (Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico), and the National Regulatory Authority (Autorità per l'energia elettrica il gas e il sistema idrico).

Ministero dello sviluppo economico

The Ministry has the task to define the strategic guidelines for the gas sector and to guarantee the security and the economic development of the sector.

Autorità di Regolazione per Energia Reti e Ambiente (ARERA)

The Authority, an independent government body, is in charge of regulating the national electricity and natural gas markets and the water services. Among its functions it defines the criteria to determine and update the tariffs as well as the criteria that govern the access to the infrastructures and the utilization of transportation, distribution, storage and LNG regasification services.

Consulting committees for Transport, Storage and Regassification activities

Consulting committees for each activity are formally established by the Authority with the task of expressing their views on Codes proposals and to identify regulatory development requirements to support market evolution.


Anigas - Associazione Nazionale Industriali Gas, represents the interests of the companies operating in transportation, storage, distribution and regassification and on wholesale, retail and trading markets of natural gas.

Confindustria Energia – Federation of Confindustria energy companies, constituted on April 3, 2006 – its aim is to to define the industrial policy of the entire energy sector in close association with European and national institutions and to safeguard the common interests of producers and distributors of energy. Anigas joins to Confindustria Energia.

Nationally, the regulation process for natural gas activities are generally performed based on the following phases:

  • Identification/consultation: Authority with the market operators (individual or group meeting) evaluates the possible evolution directions that must be translated into specific regulation criteria
  • Definition of criteria: through specific provisions (“Resolutions"), the Authority defines the regulatory criteria that will be applied to the natural gas sector
  • Formulating proposals: Snam group companies, in agreement with the criteria defined by the Autority formulate tariff and/or code update proposals. These proposals are submitted to the Authority, who controls their compliance with the regulation criteria
  • Approval of the proposals: Authority, having verified the compliance of the proposals approves them with specific resolutions.


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