IES Biogas is a leading Italian company in the design, construction and management of biogas and biomethane plants in Italy and abroad.

IES Biogas


Founded in 2008 in Pordenone, IES Biogas has become in a few years a point of reference in the sector, consolidating its presence in the construction of biogas plants in the agricultural and agro-industrial world, in particular through the IES AGRI & FARM division. In 2015, the strengthening of the IES WASTE divisions followed, dedicated to the management and complete enhancement of the entire waste cycle, and IES FOODINDUSTRY to enhance, by transforming them into energy, the by-products and waste of food processes in the food and beverage sector.

Over the years, the company has launched an ambitious internationalization process towards other European countries and overseas, building plants in Argentina, Korea, Croatia, Serbia and Poland and relying on an important commercial network all over the world. In addition to the headquarters in Pordenone, with its own engineering, biology, automation and service center, the first c opens in 2015, as a sales and assistance hub for the entire South American market. The expansion abroad also continued in the following years, through important development projects in Greece, Indonesia, the Philippines, China.





To date, IES Biogas has designed and installed over 220 plants and is increasingly directing investments in large-scale plants in all strategic sectors - agriculture, food industry and waste - also abroad. Through the BIOGAS24 division, the company manages the service and technical and biological assistance of approximately 300 systems, guaranteeing a constant and widespread presence through modern and cutting-edge technologies, high performance, high safety standards and quality made in Italy. The automation and control software, which allows you to manage and monitor the system completely even remotely, has been developed internally and allows you to optimize processes, support and increase efficiency.

In July 2018 Snam acquires IES Biogas group to grow and expand its skills in the construction of biomethane plants and its integration in the transport sector. A strategic operation also for IES, which can count today on the Group to develop important projects in Italy and worldwide and further confirm its leadership in the agricultural, agro-industrial and waste sector, in particular in the production of biomethane through the IES BIO-UP project.

Snam invests in biomethane and acquires IES Biogas, an Italian leader in plant construction

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