Enersi Sicilia is an innovative project for the construction of a biomethane production plant and quality compost from the purification of Organic Fraction Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW). The biomethane produced will be injected in the network as renewable energy source while the compost will be used as a natural fertilizer replacing chemical fertilizers.

The project

The plant will recover about 36.000 tons per year of organic waste and will contribute to improve and optimize the waste disposal system of the Province and the Region reducing the environmental impact, minimizing use of landfills and waste exportation outside Sicily, as well as the costs for the municipality and for local communities.

Key numbers of the project:

  • 3.6 million Sm³ of advanced biomethane per year which is equivalent to:

    - more than 46 million km that can be traveled by methane vehicles;
    - over 3000 methane cars powered in one year;
    - a saving of 2,798 tons of oil equivalent;
    - less 5,291 tons of fossil CO2 released into the atmosphere.

The direct benefits for the local community are:

  • Employment and skills generation: at least 8 permanent and qualified job positions
  • Investments in the territory: economic value for local companies, which will be involved in the construction phase and to support to plant operations
  • Savings for the citizens and the Municipality: for organic waste biomethane plants, the expected benefits are the reduced cost of organic waste disposal, because of a reduced transfer fee to deliver the tons of local organic waste to the Enersi site and removal of cost to export waste outside Sicily.

Furthermore, the construction of the plant within Caltanissetta area will reduce the circulation of the trucks carrying today the local organic waste outside the province, minimizing vehicular traffic, and therefore emissions into the atmosphere.

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