Gas heat pumps and micro CHP

Gas heat pumps and micro CHP

Gas heat pumps and micro chp

The modern gas technologies allow the primary energy saving, the cutting of energy costs, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and local pollutants

Gas heat pumps and micro-CHP are the most immediate and effective solution to get the decarbonization targets, fight air pollution, improve energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable sources in air conditioning.

They are a modern, eco-friendly and cost-effective technological solution that leverages transportation, storage and distribution infrastructure to enhance the role of natural gas – and eventually biomethane – in enabling the use of renewables in buildings, in line with the COP 21 targets.

Gas heat pumps, in particular, allow primary energy savings of more than 40% compared to conventional gas boilers. This is also achieved through the recovery of renewable energy from the external environment. They are also one of the most cost-effective energy options, cutting over 30% of heating operating costs for final customers and easily integrated into existing plants, which are among the most energy-intensive sectors.

The micro-CHP is a technology based on primary energy, like gas, to produce heat and electricity near the consumer with a total efficiency higher than 95% and with a saving of primary energy 20% higher than the separated heat and electricity production with conventional gas boilers and power plants.

In addition, gas heat pumps and micro-CHP allow for a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide) which can also be completely eliminated when they are fuelled with renewables such as biomethane and bio-syngas obtained from Power-To-Gas plants. A huge reduction occurs for health-damaging emissions such as nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and organic gaseous compounds.

An alliance to support gas heat pumps

Combating air pollution, improving energy efficiency and promoting the use of renewable sources in air conditioning are the main objectives shared among Italian companies and associations, including Snam, with the contribution of the Politecnico di Milano University, aiming to promote gas heat pumps.

This partnership has been detailed in a position paper jointly developed by the gas heat pump industry, the Climgas association and the main infrastructure operators in Italy.

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I-GAP project

The project aims to develop the technology of small gas absorption heat pumps (GAHP) to offer an economically sustainable and easily integrated solution for heating residential buildings. In particular, the project will quantify the energy, environmental and infrastructural benefits deriving from the widespread application of this technology.


The micro-CHP: an intelligent and sustainable future for energy

The micro-CHP is an useful technology for decarbonizing both power generation and heat sectors taking advantage of the existing gas infrastructures, introducing efficiency and renewables, thanks to biomethane and biosyngas from Power-To-Gas, in the energy system in short and medium term.

This and other advantages are included in the Position Paper, developed by micro-CHP industry, association and the main gas infrastructure players.

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