Snam and energy efficiency: Snam4Efficiency

Snam and energy efficiency: Snam4Efficiency

In 2018 Snam decided to enter the energy efficiency sector. The initiative is part of the company's strategic plans to encourage decarbonisation and better use of energy in the territories in which it operates.

Snam4Efficiency is the subsidiary Snam which, through its operating companies, offers innovative energy efficiency solutions to residential customers, companies and the public administration, investing directly in decarbonisation, digitization and distributed energy generation.

Snam4Efficiency's goal is to contribute to the country's energy transition, helping customers to reduce their environmental impact and increase their competitiveness, while improving the quality of life and resilience of our territories and cities.


Snam has created a partnership of national importance that is able to support the Italian energy efficiency chain, contribute to the country's relaunch and support the development of more sustainable economic and housing models. We have adopted an infrastructural approach to the energetic requalification, able to transform single participations in investments for regional developments, taking into account the needs of the various communities involved, from the level of a single building or enterprise, to an industrial area, up to the urban scale.


Cristian Acquistapace
Managing Director Snam4Efficiency

The Snam4Efficiency approach

  • System operator for the development of the country

    Snam4Efficiency acts as the driving force of energy efficiency in our country, with the aim of accelerating interventions in the sector and systemising the skills present in the area. It acts for a healthier environment and planet, to improve the quality of life and the resilience of territories and cities and increase the competitiveness of companies.


  • The 360° energy efficiency specialist

    Snam4Efficiency is aimed at all sectors interested in making their activities more efficient and makes all solutions available on the market available to customers. He has developed specific skills in managing the complexity that characterizes energy efficiency processes, making the excellence of his process his distinctive feature.


  • Accompanying the customer in all stages of the process

    Snam4Efficiency acts as the customer's sole interlocutor in the field of energy efficiency, simplifying the implementation of the interventions. Considering the entire customer value chain and adopting a complete and organic approach to reducing its energy and environmental impact, it is able to accompany it in a path of continuous improvement.


  • Direct investment in interventions

    Thanks to the solidity of the Snam group, Snam4Efficiency is able to invest directly in the implementation of interventions where deemed appropriate together with the customer.


The 3D strategy

According to Snam, the development of energy efficiency lies in 3 pillars:

  • Decarbonisation: accompanying customers in a process of continuous improvement to optimize their consumption and thus reduce the energy and environmental impact of their activities.
  • Decentralization: promoting the distributed generation of energy that customers need where it will be consumed, for example through photovoltaics and biogas.
  • Digitization: through our energy intelligence platform we analyze the data to identify the most effective interventions, monitor the results and create an energy and environmental accounting.

Energy efficiency of the core business

At Group level, more than 20 energy efficiency interventions have been identified which will be implemented during the next four-year period 2019-2022, the time horizon foreseen by the diagnostic drafting plans.

The creation of a national operator of excellence

In May 2018, Snam acquired a controlling interest, equal to 82% of the share capital, of Tep Energy Solution one of the main Italian companies active in the energy efficiency sector since 2006. In March 2020, Snam rose to 100% of tep. The operation allowed to accelerate the growth process of Tep, with the support of the company's management, facilitating the transfer of skills and energy efficiency technologies from large industry to small and medium-sized enterprises, local authorities and condominiums.

In November 2019, Snam also acquired 100% of Tea Servizi, Energy Service Company (ESCo) active in the design, construction and management of thermo-hydraulic and electrical systems for industrial customers, with particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. The initiative allows Snam to integrate its offer of services for industrial customers, adding plant design, management and maintenance skills to the current proposal developed through Tep Energy Solution.

In May 2020, through the subsidiary Snam4Efficiency, Snam signed with Gemma and Fen Energia to acquire 70% of Mieci and Evolve. Mieci is an operator specialized in the management of integrated energy and technological services for hospitals and public administration buildings, for the tertiary sector and for public lighting. Evolve offers efficiency solutions for private condominiums, urban districts and for public residential construction. The transaction is expected to be completed in October 2020.


Tep Energy Solution

Tep Energy Solution is one of the most important Italian Energy service companies, active since 2006 and accredited to the GSE. It invests directly in interventions to make companies, condominiums and public assets more efficient and sustainable, both in terms of costs and environmental impact.

Tep's goal is to contribute to the country's energy transition by helping customers reduce their environmental footprint. In this context both the proposed energy efficiency solutions and the commitment to planting in urban areas are inserted.

Thanks to the efficiency projects carried out with customers, since 2006 Tep has allowed to avoid 2.8 million tons of CO2, the equivalent of 142 million trees planted.

The strengths of Tep

  • Technological independence
  • Ability to invest directly in client projects
  • An R&D area dedicated to the scouting of technological solutions
  • Operational and contractual flexibility

As a company active in energy efficiency, sustainability and the commitment to decarbonisation are at the heart of Snam4Efficiency's business strategy. Alongside this vocation, Snam4Efficiency has developed particular attention for the regeneration of our cities and is committed to continuously creating urban woods that perform the dual function of green lungs against air and noise pollution and recreational spaces for communities locals.

The sustainability strategy of Snam4Efficiency is part of that of Snam, which recognizes how the success of a company is measured by a combination of economic, environmental and social factors that respond to the requests of all stakeholders. In particular, with the adoption of the new Business Plan, Snam wants to act as a point of reference for the Italian and European path towards decarbonisation. Indeed, its activities place Snam in a key position as the country's guide in the renewal of the energy sector.

Snam4Efficiency's commitment to urban forestation is in continuity with the internationally recognized Snam best practice in the field of environmental restoration and renaturalization of the environment following the laying of infrastructures. From 2016 to today, 650 km of environmental restoration and 865,000 m2 of reforestation have been carried out.

Through Tep and the Snam Foundation, Snam is also a partner of the ForestaMI Fund, launched by the Municipality of Milan with the aim of planting a total of 3 million new trees throughout the city and metropolitan area by 2030.

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