Cubogas s.r.l., a subsidiary of Snam4Mobility, is a leading international operator in methane gas refuelling solutions for transportation. The company is based in Cherasco, in Piedmont, and operates across the Italian and international markets as Cubogas or Fuel Maker. It has over 50 years’ experience and has built more than 3,000 stations all over the world.

Cubogas s.r.l. has also incorporated maintenance engineering company M.T.M’s design, development and production activities dedicated to technological solutions for natural gas refuelling stations. These assets were acquired by Snam4Mobility in July 2018.

Thanks to this acquisition, Snam will be able to increase the level of service it offers to investors in natural gas- and renewable gas-powered transport, as it will be supplying one of the best technologies for pollution reduction available, one that can help improve air quality.




Snam and Cubogas

In July 2018 Snam, through the newly created company Cubogas s.r.l., wholly-owned by Snam4Mobility, has today completed the acquisition of the business arm dedicated to technological solutions for natural gas supply stations of M.T.M., a Westport Fuel Systems Inc. company.

Snam invests in sustainable mobility: the new Cubogas is born

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24 July 2020 - 14:15 CEST