Role and functions

Role and functions

role and functions

The board of directors is a central element of Snam’s corporate governance system.
It has broad powers to manage and administer the company and its subsidiaries, consistent with Snam’s Code of Ethics.

The Board of Directors is entitled to carry out any measures it deems necessary in order to implement and achieve the corporate purpose, with the sole exception of measures that are reserved, by law or by the Bylaws, for the shareholders' meeting.

Snam’s board of directors reviews the company’s organisational, administrative and accounting structure and has responsibility for approving its strategic, business and financial plans as well as monitoring their implementation.

The board of directors defines the system and rules of corporate governance as well as of the internal control and risk management system for Snam and its subsidiaries.

Snam’s board adopts rules to ensure transparency and correct process for the transactions among relatad parties or in which a director or a statutory auditor has an interest on his/her own behalf or on behalf of third parties. The board also sets rules and procedures to manage and communicate all corporate and financial information, including information as price sensitive.

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