Structure and Attendance

Structure and Attendance

The Board of Statutory Auditors is made up of three standing auditors and two alternate auditors. They are appointed by the shareholders’ meeting for three financial years and may be re-elected at the end of their term of office.




  • * the date of first appointment of each statutory auditor means the date on which the statutory auditor was appointed for the first time (in absolute terms) to Snam’s Board ofStatutory Auditors.
  • ** This column indicates the list from which each statutory auditor was drawn (“M”: Majority list; “m”: minority list).
  • *** This column shows the directors’ attendance at meetings of the Statutory Auditors.


Statutory auditors must meet the requirements of professionalism and integrity indicated in Justice Ministry Decree No. 162 of 30 March 2000. In Snam’s case, this expertise relates to the activities of commercial law, business economics and business finance and to the sectors of engineering and geology.



Meetings and attendance in 2021

In 2021, the Board of Statutory Auditors met 17 times. The meetings were attended on average by 96% of the statutory auditors. The average duration of the Board of Statutory Auditors’ meetings was 183 minutes.







Upon prior notice to Snam’s chairman, the Board of Statutory Auditors may call shareholder and board meetings. Each member of the Board of Statutory Auditors may also individually call board meetings. To call a shareholders’ meetings requires at least two members of the board.

The Board of Statutory Auditors is invited to attend meetings of the Control, Risk and Related Parties Committee.

Members of the Board of Statutory Auditors must declare any interest on their own behalf or that of third parties in specific transactions submitted to the Board of Directors. No such declarations were required from the members of the Board of Statutory Auditors in 2021. On the basis of declarations provided by its members, the Board of Statutory Auditors perfomed its annual check of its members' independence.


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