Ethics and Public Affairs

Ethics and Public Affairs

Rapporti istituzionali

The availability of sufficient energy throughout the territory, and under competitive conditions, is a primary need for any country. In this context, Snam - the leading Italian infrastructural operator in the gas sector - plays a particularly delicate role in so far as it has to guarantee the operation of a resilient and safe transportation, storage and procurement, capable of anticipating all possible market scenarios expected over the medium and long-term.
The ability to predict and analyse the market’s evolution, operational excellence, and management and financial rigour are a few of the primary requisites for guaranteeing this objective. However, monitoring the national and European legislative framework and managing an adequate system of relations with the institutions and public authorities are just as important.

All of Snam's activities are inspired by the principles set out in the Code of Ethics, principles that define the system of values at the foundation of the strategic philosophy and of the running of the company’s activities. In its relations with the institutions and public administrations, Snam’s action is distinguished by transparency, loyalty and fairness. The company’s interests are represented and its strategy and projects are carried out by providing complete and thorough information, with the aim of explaining the company’s purposes and the repercussions for its shareholders and all of its stakeholders, as well as the benefits expected for the national energy system to the institutional counterparty.
Snam believes in the involvement of all stakeholders, both during the preliminary inquiry prior to the drafting of the regulation proposal and during the subsequent monitoring and assessment of the effectiveness of the regulations in force. This is why Snam oversees and monitors the evolution of the legislative framework in the countries where it operates through an adequate system of relations with the institutions and public authorities, with particular attention paid to the topics concerning:

  • national and European energy safety,
  • environmental protection and climate change,
  • sustainable mobility,
  • the energy market trend,
  • the sector’s taxation,
  • the technical and safety rules in operating plants and infrastructures.

Monitoring of the national and European legislative framework

Through specific Units permanently dedicated to Institutional Relations, Snam takes part in the composition of general interest by promoting constant and open dialogue with lawmakers in all stages of the advisory process.
Over the years Snam has established a constructive relationship with the Institutions and Regulating Authority (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment) marked by proactive collaboration. The institutions with which Snam has relations are the European Commission, the State administrations, the Regions and the local Bodies.
In line with its Business and Sustainable Development Model and with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and of the internal policies, the meetings with the Authority and the public administration are outlined and notes are kept on the actions carried out to support company positions on specific legislative provisions as required by law. The company is entered in the Transparency Register set up by the Ministry of Economic Development at the national level, and in the “Voluntary Transparency Register” of the European Parliament and Commission at the European level. It also follows the relevant Code of Conduct that regulates relations with the EU institutions.
In a perspective of transparency and increasing participation in the decision-making process, Snam is also in favour of adopting a balanced rule for regulating Representation of Interests activities in the Italian legislative system. Snam supports many scientific, innovative, cultural and social initiatives through the “Snam Foundation”. It is a new step taken toward an enterprise increasingly in contact with the territory and capable of being a growth driver for the communities and the country.
Snam interacts with lawmakers both directly and through the trade associations (nonpartisan, apolitical and non-profit) as it believes in added value in terms of effectiveness and an inclusive strategy able to channel the entire panorama of adjoining interests. It particularly supports the so-called Technical Associations (€ 97,000) in order to take part in defining the sector’s regulations aimed at regulating the running of the business activities; think tanks and research centres (€ 1,368,000) for a comparison/concurrence with peers for the economic and industrial strategies, and initiatives proposed by the manufacturers’ associations (€ 358,000) in order to participate in the Italian entrepreneurial system.

On the practical plan

The annual contributions paid to these organisations in 2021 in the form of association fees total €1.8 million.
Specifically, the 5 most important association fees in 2021 are: ENTSOG (€ 601,000), Confindustria (€ 168,000), Proxigas (€ 150,000), Assorisorse (€ 73,000) e GIE (€ 60,000), 
Snam does not make donations to political parties, and neither does it support local, regional, national or European political campaigns. However, it supports many scientific, cultural and social initiatives around the world.


TYPE OF ASSOCIATION 2018 2019 2020 2021
Public affairs 275 184 326 358
Business 303 1,110 1,188 1,368
Other 966 104 77 97
Funding for political campaigns 0 0 0 0


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