Snam’s Board of Directors has four internal committees:

  • Compensation Committee
  • Control, Risk  and Related Parties Transactions Committee
  • Appointments Committee
  • Environmental, Social and Governance Committee

The composition, duties and operations of the committees are governed by the board of directors in their relavant regulations. The board appoints committee members.

The Committees are composed by three non executive members two of which independent, with the exception of  the Control, Risk and Related Parties Transactions Committee whose members are all independent. The term of each member is the same as their term as director.

To perform its functions, each committee may seek information from relevant company departments. Each committee is given adequate financial resources to fulfil its role and may use external consultants following terms set, from time to time, by the board. Individuals who are not members may participate in committee meetings if invited.

Number of meetings and attendance rate (2020)

Committee Number of meetings Attendance rate
Compensation Committee 18 94%
Control, Risk and Related Parties Transaction Committee 14 100%
Appointments Committee 7 95%
Environmental, Social & Governance Committee 18 98%


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