Environmental, Social & Governance and Energy Transition Scenarios Committee

Environmental, Social & Governance and Energy Transition Scenarios Committee

Laura Cavatorta - Chairwoman

Laura Cavatorta

Independent director

She was born in Treviso in 1964.
As of 2 April 2019, she is a Director of Snam.
Graduated in sociology with honours.
She has over twenty years of managerial experience in the Alitalia group, holding roles of increasing responsibility, including in operational positions with 3,000-5,000 employees; she also directed the airline Air One from 2012 to 2014, bringing it back into balance.
She has acquired specific expertise in restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and receiverships, and is particularly sensitive to the management of human capital and the many dimensions involved in any corporate change.  
She deals with corporate governance, with a specific focus on ESG issues and on the different ways, including the impacts of climate change, of substantiating an approach aimed at sustainable development over time. She follows the B Corp movement and its paradigm of sustainable business, capable of developing profits together with a positive impact on society and the environment. She analyses methodologies and tools to identify and monitor ESG risks in an integrated manner, mapping their evolutionary dynamics and interconnections with other factors capable of triggering their possible impacts, paying particular attention to the environmental dimension, for aspects related to climate change, and to the social dimension, related to inequalities.

She supports gender equality, the development of female talent and merit-based careers, believing in the need for women to be fully integrated into all spheres of society and deservedly present in top positions.
She is in the boards of directors of the ESG European Institute and Fuori Quota, non-profit organizations active respectively on sustainability and women's empowerment and collaborates in ASviS on the Gender Equality goal of the UN 2030 Agenda.
Since 2018 she is Independent Director of Italian Wireless Infrastructures, for which she is also the Chairwomen of the Sustainability Committee and member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

Since June 2022, she has been an Independent Director of UNIEURO S.p.A. as well as a member of the Sustainability Committee and the Control and Risk Committee.



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Massimo Bergami

Massimo Bergami

Independent director

Born in Bologna in 1964. He has been an independent Director of Snam since 27 April 2022.

He graduated with honours in Economics from the University of Bologna, completed a PhD in Business Management and has gained international experience at the University of Michigan, University of Florida and New York University.

He is currently a Full Professor of Corporate Organisation at the University of Bologna and Dean of the Bologna Business School. He is a non-executive Director on the Board of Directors of Ferrarelle S.p.A. and EFMD.

He works in the field of organisational identity and is the author of several essays and publications in international scientific reviews.

He was a Member of the Committee for Natural Capital (Ministry of the Environment and Land and Sea Protection); Economic Director of the Ministry for Regional Affairs, Tourism and Sport; Coordinator of the White Paper on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Advisor to the Ministry of the Defence.

He has carried out and continues to carry out activities to support research, innovation and entrepreneurship and since 2013 he has been a Senior Advisor of Fondazione MAST.

He has gained years of experience in the governance of listed companies, as Member of the Control and Risk Committee at Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A. and Telecom Italia Media, Member of the Compensation Committee, Control Committee, Lead Independent Director at Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. and Member of the Strategy Committee at Ferretti Group S.p.A..

He is an Honorary Professor at Nankai University and Mirbis and was awarded the honorary title of Knight and Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

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Qinjing Shen

Qinjing Shen

Non-executive director

Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degree in Electrical Power System and its Engineering from Zhejiang University, China.

Currently he holds the office of Board member of CDP RETI S.p.A., Italgas S.p.A., Terna S.p.A. and State Grid‘s Chief Representative in Italy.

He has held the position of Director of Department of Business Development&Strategy, State Grid International Development , LTD from 2016 to 2021. As Key Contact and Coordinator in CPFL Energy sophisticated transactions of Brazil (Deal size: 9 billion USD, including Controlling Block deal, Mandatory Tender Offers for CPFL Energy minority shareholders, Mandatory Tender Offers for CPFL Renewabie, Re-IPO of CPFL).  As Key player for State Grid’s other M&A deals (Chilquinta, Chile (2.5 billion USD, 2020) CGE, Chile (3 billion USD, 2021).

SGID set up State Grid Brazil Holding (SGBH),whichhas engaged in power transmission projects, includingPhase II of Belo Monte UHVDC Transmission, the world’s longest ±800kV power transmission line. During the construction process, the team established an integrated plan regarding the protection of local animals and vegetation, especially for endangered species. Over 95% animals were rescued and over 25% vegetation were saved from deforestation when the project completed. And the reforestation plan has enabled greater biodiversity in the ecosystem.

He has held the position of Deputy Director of Department of Business Development&Strategy, State Grid lnternational Development , LTD from 2013 to 2016. As Project Manager and Key Contact of CDP Reti transaction (2.2 billion Euro) in 2014. Highly evolved in several Australia M&A transactions at that period for State Grid.

He has held the position of Project Manager of Department of Business Development&Strategy, State Grid International Development , LTD from 2008 to 2013. As Project Manager acquired 7 transmission Concessions in Brazil from Spain investors (1 billion USD) in 2010. Participating in the transaction of NGCP of Philippines (2009), REN of Portugal (2011).

He has held the position of Dispatching Engineer of Dispatching Communication Center, Zhejiang Electric Power Company (a subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China) (2003-2008).

From 17th February 2022 he is member of the Board of Snam S.p.A.



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Rita Rolli

Rita Rolli

Independent director

She was born in Forlì in 1969.

She has been Director of Snam since 2 April 2019.

She graduated in Law with honours from the University of Bologna.

A Court of Cassation lawyer, she carries out her professional activity in the field of civil law, commercial and corporate law - both in and out of court and in arbitration procedures - and corporate crisis resolution (Studio Galgano).

She teaches as a Full Professor of Private Law on the Master’s degree programme in Law in the Department of Law at the University of Bologna.

Independent Director and Chairman of the Committee for Internal Control and Risk and Sustainability and member of the Related Parties Committee of Trevifin S.p.A. and Effective Auditor of Sogefi S.p.A.

She is the author of many publications and legal monographs and contributes to the compilation of prestigious legal journals.

Lastly, the research scope of her publications is also geared towards providing answers to climate change issues in the legal sector.



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Number of meetings of the Environmental, Social & Governance Committee and rate of attendance (2021)

The ESG Committee met 16 times in 2021, with 98% attendance by members. The average duration of Committee meetings was 115 minutes.


Number of meetings



Rate of attendance at meetings



The Environmental, Social & Governance and Energy Transition Scenarios Committee is made up of four non executive directors, the majority of whom are independent.

Main duties of ESG and Energy Transition Scenarios Committe

The Committee shall conduct preliminary investigations for the Board of Directors on matters of sustainability and long-term energy transition scenarios, using the term to mean all processes, initiatives and activities aimed at overseeing the Company’s commitment to sustainable development throughout the value chain, with particular reference to: matters of climate transition and technological innovation; access to energy and energy sustainability; environment and energy efficiency; health, wellness and safety of people and local communities; respect and protection of rights, particularly human rights; integrity and transparency; diversity and inclusion and corporate governance.

For that purpose, it fosters the continuous integration of national and international best practices into the corporate governance of Snam, and environmental, social and governance matters into the company’s strategies, so as to pursue sustainable success, which takes the form of long-term value creation to benefit shareholders, taking into account the interests of other stakeholders relevant for the company. The committee, in particular, shall have the following functions:

  • it monitors the alignment of the corporate governance system with the law, the Corporate Governance Code and national and international best practices, making proposals to the Board of Directors;
  • at the request of the Board of Directors, it supports the latter when reasoned proposals need to be drafted for submission to the Shareholders' Meeting on the following topics: (i) choice and characteristics of the corporate model; (ii) structure of the administrative and ownership rights of shares; (iii) percentages established for the exercise of the prerogatives set up to safeguard minority shareholders;
  • it prepares the board review activities, submitting the related proposals to the Board of Directors;
  • it draws up and proposes diversity policies to the Board of Directors as specified in letter (d-bis) of article 123-bis of the CLF;
  • it examines the Company’s policies on human rights, business ethics and integrity, diversity and inclusion;
  • it monitors international initiatives on environmental, social and governance matters and the Company’s participation in them, in order to consolidate the company’s international reputation;
  • it examines the policy for managing dialogue with all shareholders, formulated on the proposal of the Chairman of the Board of Directors in agreement with the CEO, as well as the periodic check of the correct application of such policy, where adopted.

The Committee also supports the Board of Directors in the analysis of relevant issues for the long-term generation of value for the purposes of the Board of Directors’ examination and approval of the Company’s and Group’s strategic plan, and in particular it examines:

  • the long-term energy transition scenarios for the preparation of the strategic plan, with respect to the short and medium-term scenarios prepared with the participation of Snam and published pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, expressing an opinion to the Board of Directors;
  • matters relating to energy transition (regarding, specifically, the use of resources and energy sources that are compatible with environmental protection and progressive decarbonisation, examining in particular the initiatives undertaken by the Company to address issues raised by climate change and the relative reporting), technological innovation and circular economy;
  • matters relating to sustainable finance initiatives, by monitoring the Company’s position on sustainability issues compared with that of the financial markets, with particular reference to annual reporting on new sustainable finance instruments as well as the Company’s placement in the ethical sustainability indices;
  • the policies to integrate environmental, social and governance issues into the business model, including through the analysis of the related KPIs; 
  • the approaches, objectives and consequent processes regarding sustainability and the sustainability reporting submitted annually to the Board of Directors (including the non-financial statement);
  • the correct use of the standards adopted in order to prepare the non-financial information and the document to be submitted for the approval of the Board of Directors including, and liaising with the Control, Risk and Related Party Transactions Committee, the reporting of risks relating to ESG factors in the medium/long term;
  • proposals and/or opinions relating to the definition and calculation of performance targets which include indicators relating to ESG factors, in coordination with the Appointments and Compensation Committee;
  • the profit and non-profit strategy and its implementation, also in relation to individual projects, coherently with the activities of Fondazione Snam, by means of the non-profit plan submitted annually to the Board, the non-profit initiatives submitted to the Board, as well as the Company’s gas & energy transition advocacy initiatives.

The Committee, in addition, shall express, at the request of the Board, an opinion on other environmental, social, governance and energy transition issues.


Read 2021 Sustainability Report.

Regulations of the Environmental, Social & Governance and Energy Transition Scenarios Committee


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